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What’s the difference between a Bitcoin node and a library

Nicolas Dorier explains that a full node allows you to verify transactions, but it’s feature set is very limited, while it’s RPC server is not stable and powerful. Bitcoin can do so much more than the basic full node features. A library gives you way more control, and a much larger feature set.

Bitcoin used to be a all-in-one software

According to Nicolas Dorier, Satoshi wrote a monolithic Bitcoin software that did all the things, from consensus verification, wallet management, mining, a market place, and even a poker software. Over time some of these features were dropped entirely, and were developed into advanced and specialized standalone software.

What Is GAS? Ethereum HIGH Transaction Fees Explained

So what exactly is gas? Why are transaction fees so high at the moment? And what are some of the ways to make the transaction cost lower? You’ll find answers to these questions in this video. Gas is a unit used for measuring the amount of computational effort required to perform specific actions on the […]

1.3 The importance of good design for privacy wallets

Adam Ficsor [@nopara73] thinks that Wasabi used to be user friendly in it’s early days, but as the expectations and user group changed, there are countless improvement opportunities for the UI/UX. Website: Blog: Documentation: GitHub: Podcast:

1.1 Free software is about solving a problem

Adam Ficsor [@nopara73] concludes that in free software you’re free to do anything, there are so many problems to solve, and ultimately it is your choose which problem to work on. When others see that your work improves the code, they will merge it and everyone will benefit from the solved problem. Website: Blog: […]

Visitando una GRANJA DE MINERÍA – Como minar Ethereum y criptomonedas en una granja de minería

Una granja de minería es un lugar donde una persona o grupo de personas instalan muchos “rigs” de minería, con muchas #GPU o #ASIC para minar criptomonedas como #Ethereum (ETH) o #Bitcoin (BTC). En esta visita Alejo muestra una granja de minería en Argentina, ellos minan Ethereum en este momento con un gran poder de […]

Las MEJORES tarjetas gráficas (GPU) para minar criptomonedas 2021 – NVIDIA y AMD

En este video encontrarás las 10 mejores tarjetas gráficas (#GPU) para #minar criptomonedas, en especial #Ethereum. Así podrás conseguir el mayor retorno de inversión al proceso de minar criptomonedas 2021. La minería con GPU de criptomonedas seguirá siendo una actividad redituable mientras existan criptomonedas que utilicen Proof of Work (#POW). Ahora, mientras exista la minería […]

🎓 ¿Qué es SIACOIN (SC) y Cómo Funciona su SKYNET? Aprende a Crear un NODO de SC – Bit2Me Academy Pro

🎓 Aprende qué es SiaCoin, cómo funciona su Skynet y cómo crear un nodo de SiaCoin. SiaCoin (SC) es una interesante propuesta que usa el poder y potencial de la tecnología Blockchain para crear un sistema de almacenamiento en la nube incensurable y seguro. La tecnología Blockchain permite crear ecosistemas únicos y una de ellas […]

Bitcoin Q&A: When Will Taproot, Schnorr, & Tapscript Be Implemented?

00:00 When will SegWit v1, Taproot, Schnorr and Eltoo be added to the Bitcoin protocol? 00:23 SegWit v1 Introduces Taproot, Schnorr signatures and Tapscript 00:47 When will these changes be introduced? 01:27 How will SegWit v1 be activated? A number of changes to the Bitcoin protocol are in the works. These changes include Taproot, Schnorr […]

Mastering the Lightning Network with Andreas and René – Bonus Livestream Event

They’re literally writing the book about the Lightning Network and in this video, they answer your questions and you have the opportunity to test your knowledge! Andreas and René, 2 of the 3 authors of the upcoming book, Mastering the Lightning Network which will be published by one of the most trusted and respected publishers […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Can Bitcoin Be User-Friendly Without Compromising Security?

Is it possible to make backing up your crypto keys very user-friendly without compromising security? In this Q&A clip Andreas theories that we may see social sharing mechanisms for crypto security. But what is best for today? 00:00 How can the average Bitcoin user have user-friendly secure storage without compromising security? 00:13 A social sharing […]
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