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How to Verify a Signature with Solidity (Tutorial)

Blockchain Day II @ Lisk Center Berlin REGISTER HERE 👉 Code: Original content created by Smart Contract Programmer, reproduced here with his authorisation

Solidity : Test, Debug and Deploy Smart Contracts with Foundry Framework

Blockchain Day II @ Lisk Center Berlin REGISTER HERE 👉 Original content created by James, reproduced here with his authorisation: Code if it applies can be found here:

Wintermute MEV Hackathon: Post-Merge Flashbots (Jolene Dunne, Flashbots Research)

On Monday, 30th August we were delighted to host the MEV with Jolene Dunne (Flashbots Research) event for our Encode x Wintermute MEV Hackathon. This was the seventh event in the series, and it was aimed at hackers who are dedicated to building with Flashbots and MEV. Big thank you to Jolene from Flashbots Research […]

ABI Decode bytes back into data – Solidity

Code: WEB3 MENTORING PROGRAM 👉 Apply here: 3 month mentoring program to become a professional Web3 developer Build a killer portfolio of Web3 projects to get a 6 figure job 👉 Program: 👉 Testimonials: 👉 Questions? julien [at] eattheblocks [dot] com Original video by Smart Contract Programmer can be found here: […]

XLauncher: Configure and Start Your ETC Besu Node in Seconds

This helpful tool created by the developers at Hyperledger Besu allows users to interactively configure and start their nodes with the most commonly used options. Regardless of how Besu was installed, users must simply add the option `- -Xlauncher` or `- -Xlauncher-force` if they have already created a config file. Besu Launcher asks a series […]

Deploying ETH2.0 Testnet validators with DAppNode

This is how you deploy as many validators as you can on the Prysm Topaz Testnet. The flow is the same for the Witti testnet. Install DAppNode in your own machine: Buy a pre-installed DAppNode box: Music: Too Cool by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

DDDNS – Connecting two machines with dynamic IPs without a DNS

As Consensys Grantees, we developed a Decentralized Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDDNS) that allows for two machines to rendezvous using libp2p, no central server required. Find the code here:

Workshop Arma tu Nodo con DappNode

¿Quieres aprender a armar tu nodo y utilizar sin censura tus DApss preferidas? 🚀 Este workshop es para ti. 👀 DAppNode es una sencilla plataforma para desplegar y alojar DApps, clientes P2P y nodos blockchain. En este taller recibirás una introducción al mundo de la seguridad y privacidad en la red y como correr tus […]

Learn Polkadot – Secure Validator Setup – 3/3

Series 3 of 3 – In this video we explore setup of accounts to support the validator and applying for the 1000 validator programme under Kusama. 🔴15D2JM548bqRuE45aDmeF2WqiKC56WtNnRmCxVSree9YKwVb Video Created by: Shameless plug : At the time of publish I am a candidate in the 1000 validator programme for Kusama. My validators by name are […]

Learn Polkadot – Secure Validator Setup – 1/3

Series 1 of 3 – Installing a Polkadot validator using Ansible and the W3F secure validator package. This is a second take on the original with a larger font for the console and I addressed the SSH lockout. 🔴15D2JM548bqRuE45aDmeF2WqiKC56WtNnRmCxVSree9YKwVb Video Created by: Shameless plug : At the time of publish I am a candidate […]

Learn Polkadot – Secure Validator Setup – 2/3

Series 2 of 3 – This video guides users as to creating multiple instances of Polkadot/Kusama on a single machine. The video also addresses an SSH access issue encountered after configuration in video one (1) and guides to accessing the session key for use in video three (3). 🔴15D2JM548bqRuE45aDmeF2WqiKC56WtNnRmCxVSree9YKwVb Video Created by: Shameless plug […]

Solana Validator: Step by Step Deployment

A step by step deployment of a Solana Validator using Ubuntu OS & bare metal infrastructure. Github Repo: Follow us on Twitter: @throbaclabs
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