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Bitcoin Q&A: Proof-of-work, attacks, and ASICs

How does proof-of-work prevent 51% attacks? Can the attacker change the whole chain in a 51% attack? How often has a 51% attack occurred? Could a government agency reverse a transaction? Did Satoshi foresee ASICs and how competitive mining would be? Does China control Bitcoin mining? Should we change the proof-of-work to solve this?

Bitcoin Q&A: What are “bitcoin days destroyed”?

What are “bitcoin days destroyed,” how is it calculated, and what is the significance of this maturity figure?

Como Montar un Nodo de Bitcoin en un Raspberry Pi en ESPAÑOL

En este video veremos cómo montar un Nodo de bitcoin, totalmente en Español!! Esta primera parte incluye: ✅ S.O para el Raspberry pi ✅ Instalación y configuración de TOR ✅ Instalación de File2Ban (evitar fuerza bruta) ✅ Configuración para evitar ataques DDOS ✅ Instalación y configuración de Firewall

😎 Oráculos en la Blockchain de Ethereum – Tutorial en Español


Gestión de Identidad en Blockchain – Charles Hoskinson

Doblaje al español de un fragmento de “Surprise AMA 04/25/2019”

Whiteboard Series with NEAR | David Vorick from Sia

Sia Co-Founder David Vorick and NEAR Co-Founder Alex Skidanov discuss how Sia’s technology works in the 30th episode of the Whiteboard Session. Sia is a decentralized data storage platform powered by blockchain technology. ——- About Whiteboard Series ——— The Whiteboard Series with NEAR is a set of video interviews with Founders who are building scalable solutions […]

Passwords & hash functions (Simply Explained)

How can companies store passwords safely and keep them away from hackers? Well let’s find out! With all the data breaches lately, it’s likely that the password of one of your accounts has been compromised. Hackers now might know the password you’ve used, but they also might not.. To understand why, we’ll take a look […]

How The Banks Bought Bitcoin | Lightning Network

This is the finished version of my original video “The truth about the lightning network” Treat this video as a menu to start at. As i add videos i will link the relevant ones. Upcoming videos on Bitcoins censorship by r/theymos, Blockstreams connections to the banks, How Blockstream took over Bitcoins development, as well as […]

Bitcoin Lightning Network Explained

By the moment this video was recorded 110 Lightning Network nodes were live on the Bitcoin main network with 253 open channels. This network probably grows faster than anything I’ve ever seen before. I’m excited. What about you?

Why Blockstream Destroyed Bitcoin

Why Blockstream Destroyed Bitcoin. Severe conflicts of interest in the development of Bitcoin(BTC) software. Links. Samson Mow interview by Alex Miller Adam Back Quote (article with sources)