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Inflation & the Role of Bitcoin with Steven McClurg

SHOW NOTES: In this interview I talk to Steven McClurg, Co-Founder of Valkyrie Investments. We discuss the problems of rising inflation, fragility in equities and bonds, and if Bitcoin can serve as a hedge. THIS EPISODE’S SPONSORS: Gemini – BlockFi – – Casa – Exodus – Ledger – […]
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Turning Bitcoin into Clean Water with Scott Harrison

SHOW NOTES: In this interview, I talk to the Founder and CEO of Charity: Water: Scott Harrison. We discuss his journey from nightclub promoter to founding the charity, their goal to bring clean water to every person living without it, and the role Bitcoin plays in this. THIS EPISODE’S SPONSORS: Gemini – BlockFi […]
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The Resiliency of the Bitcoin Network with Nick Hansen

SHOW NOTES: In this interview, I talk to Nick Hansen, CEO of Luxor Technologies. We discuss the resilience of the Bitcoin network, mining pools and the global economics of ASIC supply chains. THIS EPISODE’S SPONSORS: Gemini – BlockFi – – Casa – Exodus – Ledger – Compass […]
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🚨 NOTICIAS CRIPTOMONEDAS HOY 🚗 Tesla pagos Bitcoin 🔒 Solana en máximos 📰 Regulación Stablecoins 👈

Las mejores noticias de Criptomonedas y Bitcoin BTC hoy en Bit2Me Crypto News: 🚗 Tesla replantea su posición y pretende volver a aceptar bitcoin como medio de pago 📰 La SEC y el Tesoro de Estados Unidos publicarán informe sobre la regulación de las stablecoins en el país 🔒 El Total de Valor […]

Legals, FATF’s back and Do Kwon’s fightback

In today’s quick take everything’s gone Harvey Specter as legals, regulations and FATF have become a recurring theme in the daily news feed. Do Kwon was indeed subpoena’ed, the teenage genius that hacked Indexed refuses to be bullied and FATF has revised their guidance on Virtual Assets and VASPs. Our sponsor Link […]
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No liquidation!? Has Nexus solved Anchor’s biggest headache?

Nexus removes the complexity of advanced yield farming strategies to deliver optimized, sustainable yield for users. Our sponsors Balancer Nansen Links Follow The Defiant #TheDefiant​ #DeFi​ #Decentralized​ #Finance​ #Blockchain (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)
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🚨 NOTICIAS CRIPTOMONEDAS HOY 🏦 Bancos ofrecen BTC 🕵️ 3M cuentas expuestas 🆕 Actualización Ethereum 👈

Las mejores noticias de Criptomonedas y Bitcoin BTC hoy en Bit2Me Crypto News: 🏦 Five Star Bank y UNIFY Financial Credit Union empezarán a ofrecer acceso a bitcoin a través de NYDIG. 🕵️ Más de 3 millones de direcciones de correo asociadas a CoinMarketCap se negocian en foros de hackers 🆕 Altair, la próxima […]
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Acala’s liquid tokens – the great DeFi unlock

Acala, the Ethereum-compatible DeFi and liquidity hub of Polkadot, has launched Liquid Crowdloan DOT (lcDOT) ahead of its upcoming crowdloan event. The product joins Acala’s suite of derivative products including its recently launched KSM Liquid Staking product (LKSM), now available on Karura, as well as DOT Liquid Staking (LDOT), which will launch on Acala. […]
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Bitcoin ETF Explained – What’s Next?

Today’s the day. 18th October 2021. The day the Bitcoin ETF meme finally shrugs off its moon boots and becomes the beautiful gem of pure fact it has for so long threatened to become. Yes. It’s happening. Well… actually. It hasn’t happened yet and it might still not. So if you’re struggling to split your […]
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🎓 ¿Qué es la Criptomoneda Terra (LUNA)? – Bit2Me Academy

¿Qué es Terra (LUNA)? Terra es un protocolo y una blockchain independiente, creada por la empresa suroreana Terralabs, que no depende de otras blockchains como Ethereum o Solana. Terra tiene sus propios monederos y toda su infraestructura funciona de forma autónoma para servir de marco a distintas aplicaciones DeFi y utiliza sus stablecoins vinculadas a […]
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A complete guide to MaticPad IDO | MaticBUILD, MaticRAISE, MaticLAUNCH | MaticPad cross-chain bridge

A complete guide to MaticPad IDO | MaticBUILD, MaticRAISE, MaticLAUNCH | MaticPad cross-chain bridge. MaticPad is the first cross-chain decentralized accelerator platform that’s based on Polygon and it helps to build, raise and launch projects. The platform allows innovators to build projects from just an idea, create custom smart contracts and strategize listing and deployment […]
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La minería de Bitcoin después del China Ban

El 17 de junio publiqué un podcast que me sirvió para entender la transición energética que la minería de Bitcoin iba a promover. La misma semana de la publicación, China declaró ilegal la minería y empezó así el conocido como éxodo minero. Fue uno de los mayores ataques que ha sufrido Bitcoin en los últimos […]
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