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75 Videos

Matt Corallo – Better Hashing Through BetterHash

Matt (@TheBlueMatt) presents the latest developments on BetterHash, the alternative mining protocols aiming to increase miner decentralization.

How to Tell If You’re a Bitcoin Wizard – Matt Corallo

Bitcoin Core developer Matt Corrallo (@TheBlueMatt) talks about the early days of IRC and what makes someone a wizard. Find more at

Issues Impacting Block Size Proposals – Jeff Garzik

All rights belong to: Scaling Bitcoin

David Chaum’s Elixxir Platform

Join us in building Elixxir, a full-stack blockchain platform led by world-famous cryptographer David Chaum, the inventor of digital cash and father of online anonymity.

David Chaum: How can we fulfill Satoshi’s vision for blockchain?

Elixxir’s David Chaum and TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher at Web Summit 2018. What does a better bitcoin look like? David Chaum, digital cash pioneer and cryptographer, explores the original plan for blockchain and looks to the future for what’s next.

O que é o blockchain e por que seu potencial é bem maior que apenas o Bitcoin

Quem acompanha as notícias sobre o Bitcoin sem freio e criptomoedas em geral já deve ter ouvido falar de blockchain. Esse é o sistema utilizado para verificar as transações do Bitcoin e de algumas outras moedas, mas o que significa exatamente dizer isso? Na verdade, o blockchain é algo muito maior e com muito mais […]

Antena 3 – Prova Oral – Bitcoin, Criptomoedas e Blockchain

Antena 3 – Prova Oral – Bitcoin, Criptomoedas e Blockchain

Why blockchain matters more than you think

The Blockchain and it's potential simply explained.

Keiser Report: Hyperbitcoinization (E1272)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the historic first attempt at a (failed) national cryptocurrency and why it is likely to lead to further hyperbitcoinization.

Keiser Report Bitcoin: Ultimate Safe Haven? (E1405)

In this episode of the Keiser Report from San Francisco, Max and Stacy discuss bitcoin as the ultimate safe haven in the days of central bank madness.