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Marlowe Hub, Curated Marlowe Smart Contracts for Cardano

=== *** None of the information on this episode is to be considered as financial advice. All conversations and opinions are that of the guests and are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research and understand that cryptocurrencies are volatile and risky. === Support the channel and buy a […]

Catalyst Sprint 3 – Cardano Millions: a competitive and transparent lottery for everyone

Guest – Mazen Khaddaj Link to the proposal Short summary of the project. Welcome to Cardano Millions, where we bring innovation to the world of lotteries through the power of blockchain technology. This project implements a lottery game on the blockchain using Cardano and Plutus. The game utilizes smart contracts, NFTs, and a random […]

Catalyst Sprint 3 – Plats – A Cardano Event Platform

Guest: Harrison Nguyen Link to your proposal Short summary of the project. Plats is developing an all-in-one event platform that facilitates seamless ADA rewards and ADA crowd sponsorships for the Cardano Ecosystem. Our product is offered on a Web Service and a Mobile App. === *** None of the information on this episode is […]

Bringing Cross-chain swaps & portfolios to Cardano, Blueshift

Blueshift are bringing cross-chain swaps to Cardano in a unique approach along with their portfolio based DEX natively to the blockchain. If you want to find out more about the Blueshift proposal, please review it on IdeaScale: or read it on Lido Nation: === *** None of the information on this episode is […]

How To Become A Blockchain Developer In 2023?

Web3 course 👉 Link: 👉 Become a professional Web3 developer Jumpdest 👉 👉 Get prepared for Web3 interviews 👉 Think “Leetcode” for Solidity

Catalyst Sprint 3 – Urban Farmer Education Series

Here are the Proposals related to the RESI token and the Urban Farmer dApp: Open Source Sidechain Launcher Toolkit Urban Farmer Education Series Block Bounty Protocol & API Specification Catalyst After Town Hall Entrepreneurship Series As many of you know, we were NOT funded in Fund 9. Even so, we actually […]

Catalyst Sprint 3 – Hydra as a B2B layer for DeFi- a white paper and a MVP

Guest: Trym Link to the proposal Short summary of the project: We can vastly improve the DeFi experience by leveraging Hydra in a new way that is not application specific but instead as an inter-protocol communication layer or “B2B”. In a nutshell this mean lower fees, faster finality, much more congestion resilience, new and […]

Orcfax, Decentralised Oracle Providing Price Feeds for DApps on Cardano

🚀 Meet the Minds Behind Orcfax: Pioneers in Decentralized Data Validation! 🚀 Join us as I sit down with Peter Van Garderen, CEO – Orcfax, unlocking the secrets of the future in unbiased data collection and validation. 🔍 Why Orcfax Stands Out 🔍 Move over traditional centralized data systems; the Orcfax team introduces us to […]

Coinecta, launchpad for projects & speculators on #Cardano

Chapters 00:00 Intro, what is Coinecta 02:07 Previous experience with ErgoPad 03:34 Porting over logic from Ergo smart contracts to Cardano 04:08 Other features in the Launchpad 06:26 When launch 08:13 Connect to launch your project 09:24 Advice for projects 11:22 Costs & Fees 12:32 Connect Find out more about Coinecta on their website: […]

Using blockchain & digital identities to supported self-driven learning

Mark Byers, founder of SelfDriven, joins me to explain how he’s using blockchain and digital identities to help push the idea of self learning in schools. You can find out more about what Mark and his team are working on along with their Catalyst Proposal at: === *** None of the information on this […]

More SaaS Infrastructure to Build DApps on Cardano, Maestro

One of the parts when it comes to building decentralised applications is the infrastructure that is required. This allows DApps to query the blockchain, get data and information that it requires and display it on a web interface. Furthermore, it allows the DApp to create transactions and interactions with the blockchain. Without this infrastructure, it […]

Consenz, Agreement Protocol to Build Governance

Introducing Consenz, a platform that promotes collaboration and consensus-building among diverse groups and users, contributing to a more decentralized future. With Cardano’s governance era, Voltaire, Consenz becomes a valuable tool for bringing together ideas from contributors worldwide. Consenz simplifies the process of collecting and organizing ideas, making it easier for individuals and communities to collaborate […]
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