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Bitcoin Double Spend cómo hacer doble gasto sin conocimiento EXPRESIÓN CORRECTA ES REPLACE BY FEE

Siempre espera 6 confirmaciones para estar más seguro en tus transacciones, siempre depende de la cantidad que envías.

Bitcoin Q&A: Proof-of-work, attacks, and ASICs

How does proof-of-work prevent 51% attacks? Can the attacker change the whole chain in a 51% attack? How often has a 51% attack occurred? Could a government agency reverse a transaction? Did Satoshi foresee ASICs and how competitive mining would be? Does China control Bitcoin mining? Should we change the proof-of-work to solve this?

Estafa en torno a Bitcoin denunciada por Pablo Motos

Desde hace mas de un año existe una estafa que gira en torno a la inversión en #bitcoin y que incluso Pablo Motos de el Hormiguero ha denunciado su programa. En este video te quiero explicar de que se trata y las páginas que puedes encontrarte como Cryptos Cube, Cryptos Wealth, Bitcoin Revolution, The Bit […]

Top 5 Crypto Currency scams of all time!

With over 100 ICOs being launched a month, there are many scams out there. In this video we cover 5 of the biggest scams in the history of crypto currency. Please let us know in the comments your thoughts on our top 5, and what other cryptos you think should be on the list, enjoy […]

10 Common Crypto Scams You Should Be Aware Of

The cryptocurrency world is full of innovation and opportunity. However since the space is still young and unregulated, there’s a high risk of getting scammed without any recourse to recover your funds. In the “real world” you can go to authorities or banks to get charges reversed or your properties returned potentially. No such luck […]

Passwords & hash functions (Simply Explained)

How can companies store passwords safely and keep them away from hackers? Well let’s find out! With all the data breaches lately, it’s likely that the password of one of your accounts has been compromised. Hackers now might know the password you’ve used, but they also might not.. To understand why, we’ll take a look […]

Como te engañan usando a Bitcoin como argumento

Que no te engañen usando a Bitcoin como excusa.