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How to use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) And Why You Need it?! Bitcoin Magazine

@nikcantmine from Twitter explains why PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) was created and who made it. Nik also covers why you need to use a PGP and the pros and cons of two popular PGP software. Please enjoy this video from Bitcoin Magazine and please use this information to improve your security, privacy and sovereignty. Links: […]

How Cryptocurrency Scams Work

The cryptocurrency industry is attracting a lot of excitement and a lot of scammers. Some scammers even impersonate well-known figures, like Elon Musk, and set up fake cryptocurrency giveaways. Jane Lytvynenko breaks down how cryptocurrency scams work and how to avoid them. Read more: Credits: GET MORE BUZZFEED NEWS DOWNLOAD THE BUZZFEED […]

Replay Attacks Explained

Please donate to 13VL192v5y8fWdMdRk7eGduBmcH7CQDWdM to support this video. When we reach 0.15 BTC we will produce another video. Based on this article:

Bitcoin – Replace By Fee (RBF)

Un interesante vídeo donde se muestra como funciona el Replace By Fee, y como esta interesante característica ayuda a que los usuarios puedan desbloquear sus transacciones en la red Bitcoin.

What is MetaMask?

Learn about MetaMask and how it empowers people around the world to use blockchain technology. Download now at

Doble gasto en Bitcoin

Analizamos el doble gasto en Blockchain donde solo es teoricamente posible a traves del ataque del 51%.


Checksum is a method of checking for errors in a communications system. I’m Mr. Woo and my channel is all about learning – I love doing it, and I love helping others to do it too. I guess that’s why I became a teacher! I hope you get something out of these videos – I […]

Efficient Distributed Key Generation for Threshold Signatures – SBC ’19

Efficient Distributed Key Generation for Threshold Signatures – Mahnush Movahedi Stanford Blockchain Conference (SBC) ’19, January 30th – February 1st 2019, Stanford University Slides and a full listing of talks are available at Stanford Cyber Initiative and Stanford Center for Blockchain Research

Liquidity.Network and REVIVE: Secure Payment Hubs supporting Off-Blockchain Rebalancing – BPASE ’18

Liquidity.Network and REVIVE: Secure Payment Hubs supporting Off-Blockchain Rebalancing – Arthur Gervais BPASE ’18, January 24-26th 2018, Stanford University Stanford Cyber Initiative Slides and a full listing of talks are available at

MimbleWimble en Español

¿Qué es Mimblewimble? ¿Cómo funciona? ¿Por qué es tan innovador? ¿Qué le diferencia del resto de protocolos? Si queréis conocer su misterioso origen, tenéis un vídeo en mi canal en el que cuento esa historia y la de Grin, un proyecto que va de la mano y del que también hablaré próximamente. Mimblewimble es un […]

Zero Knowledge Proof – ZKP

Protecting your online privacy could become a lot easier with Zero Knowledge Proof. A technique that allows you to prove things without disclosing what it is you’re proving. Need to have a certain age before you can signup for a service? You can deliver a proof that you meet the criteria without sharing your actual […]

Confianza en Blockchain, mitos y realidades | Tomás García-Merás & Sergio Fernández EO

¿Vale Blockchain para todo?, ¿cuándo tiene utilidad los usos propuestos?. ¡Queremos verte para discutirlo, ya estamos aquí con otro súper meetup y mucha fuerza ;)!. El próximo lunes 8 de Octubre volvemos a aprender juntos en Telefónica Flagship Store, esta vez con Tomás García-Merás, uno de los mayores expertos en criptografía y firma electrónica de […]