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NFTs & Film Collide! Director Vic Duran’s Web3 Revolution, NFT funded

Join us for an enlightening discussion with Victor Duran about the innovative launch of his short film as an NFT on the Cardano blockchain. As an NFT owner, you won’t just watch this unique short film, but you’ll also have the opportunity to engage directly with Victor and the vibrant community surrounding his pioneering company, […]

Mintear NFTs en Cardano de manera descentralizada I Alessandro Berry

— El contenido publicado bajo ningún punto de vista es recomendación de inversion. Solo compartimos información y noticias sobre criptomonedas y sobre el ecosistema de Cardano. — Para apoyar el canal podes delegar tu ADA en [1MATE] Stakepool, — Más información en — Si te gustó el video podés compartirlo

How to create a whole NFT collection with A.I?

Create your free account on Starton 👉 Link: 👉 The best API for backend Blockchain development

NFTs are on Monero?! What are mOrdinals? Will fungibility suffer? #XMR108

MONEROTOPIA 💃🏽🏝🕺🏼 EPISODE #108: We give an update on our #Monerotopia23 workshop with workshop professors, Csilla and Deverick, we discuss what #mOrdinals are, the implications & how they may be dealt with w/ @AnonShopApp @nahuhhXMR & Monero NFT sinner, @monerobull!, Price Report with Bawdy, XMR news of the week with Tony and MUCH MORE! #Ordinals […]

Monero Has NFTs Now??

In this video I discuss the effect that ordinals have been having in the Bitcoin and Litecoin network and how a similar thing has been done on the Monero network with tx_extra to mint NFTs in a way that’s similar to ordinals on Bitcoin. Shop for merch and electronics at read more on the […]

Deploy & mint an NFT collection in 5 mins (Quick & Easy)

Create a FREE account on Infura 👉 Signup link: 👉 NFT SDK: 👉 Code of this tutorial: TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Intro 00:32 Pre-requisites 01:00 Deploy an NFT collection 08:34 Mint an NFT collection 10:47 Endpoints of Infura NFT API 12:47 NFT smart contract templates provided in the Infura NFT SDK 13:20 Chains available […]

Build an NFT Analytics app with Alchemy’s NFT API

Resources to get started: – Sign up for your Alchemy account with Kofi’s referral link: – Google Colab: – Replit: – getNFTs Docs: – getContractMetadata Docs: Further learning: – Alchemy API Recipes:

Blur NFT marketplace: will it KILL Opensea?

The NFT trading platform Blur marketplace has completely taken over crypto. They market themselves as the next generation NFT trading platform with a tonne of new features and are poised to even revise NFT trading. But is this platform worth all the hype, or will it vanish in a Blur. 0:00 Introduction 0:59 What is […]

Do Ordinals Make Bitcoin Better or Worse Money? With Rob Hamilton

Rob Hamilton is a co-founder and the CEO of AnchorWatch. In this interview, we discuss ordinals and ordinal inscriptions: what they are, how they work, what risks and benefits do they present to Bitcoin, how would we mitigate negative impacts, and how the rest of the ecosystem is responding. THIS EPISODE’S SPONSORS: Gemini – […]

🏉 ¿Qué son los NFTs DEPORTIVOS? 🏀

¿Quieres descubrir las diferencias entre los NFTs (Tokens no fungibles) y los NFTs deportivos? Los fan tokens son activos digitales creados por clubes deportivos con el fin de hacer partícipes a sus aficionados de las decisiones de la organización, darles acceso exclusivo a determinadas áreas, ventajas especiales y también recompensas económicas. Estos fan tokens permiten […]

Ordinals: qué es y cómo funciona NFT en Bitcoin 🔥¿El FIN de la red?

🟡Consigue mi libro Tudemun NFT en Opensea: 🔵Guarda tus criptomonedas y NFTs de forma segura en 🔐Ledger, wallet fría para todas tus crypto, consiguelo aqui: 🔴Estas criptomonedas se pueden conseguir en Binance, únete aquí y ahorra 5% en tus comisiones de trading de por vida!!: 🟠INSCRÍBETE A MIS CURSOS online: 🏅”Bitcoin y […]

How to buy Bitcoin NFTs or Bitcoin Ordinals – Punks on Emblem Vault

Buy COVAL crypto coin on (referral link) 📺 What are Bitcoin Ordinals: Bitcoin Ordinals or Bitcoin NFTs are numbered satoshis in a way that contains metadata like images or videos. In this video I explain how you can buy or sell bitcoin ordinals using Emblem Vault. Always verify every link on Twitter […]
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