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80 Trillion Dollar Bitcoin Exit Plan

Bitcoin – 80 Trillion Dollar Exit. I talk about how Bitcoin will eventually become an exit ramp from the crashing 80 trillion dollar financial system, the economic crisis, as well as the market impact of the global pandemic. If you enjoy it please, share, like and subscribe! ➥➥➥ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ➥➥➥ WATCH NEXT: […]

The Blockchain and Us (2017)

A film by Manuel Stagars For more interviews about the brave new world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, see Manuel’s podcast: In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin and the blockchain. For the first time in history, his invention made it possible to send money around the globe without banks, governments or any other […]

How MakerDAO Works

An illustrated guide to the lending platform/DeFi app MakerDAO and its tokens, MKR and DAI. Got questions about fluctuating interest rates and collateralization? We’ve got you covered. Subscribe to CoinDesk on YouTube: Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Newsletter: Twitter (Markets): CoinDesk is the leading digital media, events and information […]

Bitcoin Documentary | Crypto Currencies | Bitcoins | Blockchain | Digital Currency | Money | Gold

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It – For anyone who has not fully understood the controversial Bitcoin yet, this is a concise and informative crash course about Money and Crypto Currencies. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (2015) Directors: Torsten Hoffmann (co-director), Michael Watchulonis (co-director) Writer: Torsten Hoffmann Stars: […]

How American CEOs got so rich

For a long time, it was off-limits for a corporation to buy back its own stock. Not anymore. Become a Video Lab member! American companies today spend billions on stock buybacks. So what does that mean for the US economy? And how did it help make American CEOs so unbelievably rich? To learn more […]

Cómo funciona la máquina económica, por Ray Dalio

Creado por Ray Dalio, este vídeo animado de fácil comprensión, que no simplista, de 30 minutos de duración responde a la pregunta ¿cómo funciona realmente la economía? Basado en la plantilla práctica de Ray Dalio para entender la economía, que desarrolló a lo largo de su carrera, el vídeo explica conceptos económicos como el crédito, […]

BITCOIN | Documental en español

Desde la década de 1970, la utilización de firmas digitales basadas en criptografía de clave pública ha proporcionado un fuerte control de propiedad. Sobre la base de la criptografía de clave pública, en 1998 Wei Dai describe b-Money,​ una solución descentralizada al problema de pagos electrónicos. Posteriormente, Nick Szabo y Hal Finney extienden y complementan […]

La Criptografía Científica

Una entrevista exclusiva al Dr. Hugo Daniel Scolnik, en donde abordará los siguientes temas: Breve historia de la criptografía, la criptografía en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, las máquinas Enigma, Lorenz, Colossus, Púrpura y Fialka, Marian Rejewski, Bletchley Park, Alan Turing, la criptografía en la era moderna, el DES, el método de Diffie-Hellman, RSA, la Blockchain, […]

Canadian Senate Testimony on Bitcoin

Andreas M. Antonopoulos presents expert witness testimony to the Canadian Senate Banking and Commerce Committee on October 8th 2014. He is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in bitcoin. This hearing also featured: IRVING GERSTEIN, former Chair of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Banking, Trade […]

Bitcoin is the Answer with Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss

In this interview, I talk to Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, co-founders of Gemini. We discuss The Social Network, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, how they discovered Bitcoin, regulations and the role of Wall Street. “Bitcoin is the answer, it’s the only hedge or vaccine to give you immunity to the disease of money printing.” — Tyler […]

Bitcoin Pizza: The history of the first pizza paid with Bitcoin equaling $100 million in 2019

May 22, 2010 was declared Bitcoin Pizza Day when local man Laszlo Hanyecz, also known as the “Bitcoin Pizza Guy,” agreed to pay 10,000 bitcoins for two Papa John’s pizzas. Today, that would be worth $100 million dollars!