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Secret Sharing Explained Visually

The IEEE Information Theory Society presents an overview of Adi Shamir’s 1979 paper on secret sharing. This is part of our series on the greatest papers from information theory.  Paper featured in this video: Support this program:

Blockchain tutorial 28: Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 39 (BIP-39) mnemonic words

This is part 28 of the Blockchain tutorial. In this video series different topics will be explained which will help you to understand blockchain. It is recommended to watch each video sequentially as I may refer to certain Blockchain topics explained earlier. WHAT IS A WALLET ——————————– A wallet stores private keys. The word wallet […]

Blockchain tutorial 13.1: Base-58 encoding

This is part 13.1 of the Blockchain tutorial demonstrating how to do base-58 encoding. This tutorial is an extension to tutorial part 13. In this video series different topics will be explained which will help you to understand blockchain. Bitcoin released as open source software in 2009 is a cryptocurrency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto (unidentified […]

L2 scalability and zkSync (Edcon talk)

A brief overview of L2 scaling with a focus on the unique offering of zkRollup and zkSync protocol. The slides: L2 scaling solutions comparison framework: Optimistic vs. zkRollup:

MIT Bitcoin Expo 2020 – The State of Cross-Chain Communication

James Prestwich (Founder, Summa) presenting on cross-chain communication at the 2020 MIT Bitcoin Expo

How to Install, Setup and Configure Hive OS | Cryptocurrency GPU Mining

How to Install, Setup and Configure Hive OS.  I’ve used Hive OS for a while now, and love the stability of the Linux platform.  If you want to escape the hangups that come with Windows, then Hive OS may be worth giving a shot.  GPU Crypto mining rigs can run for months at a time […]

Andrew Poelstra | An Intro Miniscript | Consensus: Distributed 2020

Blockstream Director of Research Andrew Poelstra talks during Consensus: Distributed 2020 about Miniscript, a language for representing Bitcoin Scripts in a structured way, enabling efficient analysis, composition, generic signing and more.

Replay Attacks Explained

Please donate to 13VL192v5y8fWdMdRk7eGduBmcH7CQDWdM to support this video. When we reach 0.15 BTC we will produce another video. Based on this article:

⚡₿ Será LIGHTNING NETWORK a solução de escalabilidade do BITCOIN?

Para falarmos sobre Lightning Network vamos ter como convidado Tiago Vasconcelos. Vamos começar por falar sobre o problema de escalabilidade de Bitcoin, e daí partiremos para explicar o que é Lightning Network, como funciona e como pode ajudar a resolver este problema. Compre e venda Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple e outras criptomoedas. […]

IBM Think Academy: Blockchain, Cómo funciona – Español

Aprenda más sobre cómo funciona blockchain y véalo en acción dentro de la industria de diamantes, que ha sido plagada de fraude, robos y controversia.

What is Proof of Burn?

Proof-of-burn has been used as a mechanism to destroy cryptocurrency in a verifiable manner. Despite its well known use, the mechanism has not been previously formally studied as a primitive. In this paper, we put forth the first cryptographic definition of what a proof-of-burn protocol is. It consists of two functions: First, a function which […]


En este sencillo video te explico los diferentes tipos de scripts de bloqueo que existen en bitcoin y como existen diferentes lógicas de pago. P2PKH, “Pay to Public Key Hash”, o “Pago a hash de llave publica”, P2SH “Pay to script hash” o “Pago a hash de script” y las transacciones multi firma o Multisig […]