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🎓 ¿Qué es una GRANJA de Minería BITCOIN? – Bit2Me Academy

¿Qué es una granja de minería de bitcoin? Las granjas bitcoin son una de las partes fundamentales para el proceso de minado de bitcoin o de cualquier otro tipo de criptomoneda. Las granjas de minería de bitcoin y de todo tipo de criptos consisten en concentrar una cantidad amplia de hardware minero en el mismo […]

Mineras al límite de la viabilidad con Elías de Minerset

Lo que empezó como una crisis de una stablecoin (UST$ de Terra-Luna) ha contagiado a todo el sector financiero de criptoactivos. La empresa Celsius Network ha tenido que congelar los retiros y parece que el fondo Three Arrow Capital está a las puertas de la quiebra. Estos eventos han tenido un efecto directo con el […]

133 – Flashbots Saves Crypto with Stephane Gosselin

Stephane Gosselin is the Founder of Flashbots, an R&D organization that’s trying to fix the most pernicious problem in crypto—the problem of MEV (Maximum Extractable Value). Many of us are massively optimistic about crypto and aren’t worried too much about its future. However, this MEV thing could be our achilles heel. On this episode, we […]

GPU Mining Rig Buying Guide – All You Need To Know | The Basics

In this video, we guide you on buying your next mining rig and clarify what parts you need and what you should be looking for while the market is in its current state. This is your GPU Mining Rig Buying Guide. Giveaway ENDED – Subscribe for more! ⌚ Timestamps: 00:00 – Intro 00:27 – Overview […]

Phoenixminer Step-by-step Guide | Mining Software

In this video, you will learn how to use Phoenixminer on your mining rigs or your PC. I cover the documentation, fees, as well as most of the command-line arguments that you need to know. Written guide: ⌚ Timestamps: 00:00 – Intro 00:36 – Thank You! 00:54 – Overview 01:35 – Downloading Phoenixminer 02:09 […]

NBMiner Step-by-step Guide | Mining Software

In this video, I show you how to use NBMiner. First, we will go through a quick start and then we dive deep into the commands and show you the ones that you should know about. Written NBMiner guide: Phoenixminer is not compromised. Feel free to use it as you wish! ⌚ Timestamps: […]

TeamRedMiner Step-by-step Guide | Mining Software

In this video, you will learn how to use TeamRedMiner on your mining rigs or your PC. I cover the documentation, fees, quick start as well as most of the command-line arguments that you need to know. Written guide: ⭐ Stake your Cryptocurrency on to make more passive income on your mining profits […]

Industrial Infrastructure for Miners

We talk with Camden Spiller from Maddox Industrial Transformer about demand for electrical infrastructure, including the consequences of the pandemic, tapering demand from Bitcoin miners and how demand destruction is easing production concerns. Camden Spiller: Will Foxley: 🎥 TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Start 01:06 Intro 02:37 Maddox Industrial Transformer 04:49 Customers 06:40 Diversity of […]


Ethereum tiene una nueva competencia, se trata de ETHW (Ethereum Proof Of Work) un fork de Ethereum planeado por los mineros que no quieren migrar a la red POS (Proof of Stake). ETC Ethereum Classic hasta hace poco era la única opción que tenían los mineros POW para migrar pero al parecer algunos no confían […]

Industrial Immersion Mining

Immersion mining is quickly becoming the most popular hardware configuration mainly due to the ability to overclock machines to make more profit. But putting miners in specialized cooling oil can be a messy business. In this episode we talk with Hank Tanner from Automation & Electronic about the pros and cons of immersion, configuring your […]

Launching A Bitcoin Mining Company

Starting a Bitcoin mining company can be a daunting task. Sourcing hardware, finding cheap and reliable power, and maximizing miner uptime are just some of the issues new startups face. Compass sat down with Blockmetrix co-founder and co-manager David Kiger, a new startup mining company primarily focused on North American mining, to understand the nuances. […]

Remote ASIC Management

If you are running Bitcoin miners you’ll want to be able to remotely access them. Foreman’s software platform lets you manage your operation from anywhere. In this episode Dan Lawrence from walks us through their software platform and how it aims to simplify the many issues remote access encounters. Will Foxley: 🎥 […]
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