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All About That Bitcoin – by Naomi van der Velde

[LYRICS BELOW] So I’ve gotten into Bitcoin recently, and decided to write a song about it! Not meant to offend or annoy anyone – just a bit of fun! Thank you to Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” for the melodic inspiration, and thank you to my cameraman & editor extraordinaire, Kevin Lepsoe. Enjoy & […]

Bitcoin Batalla de Rap Debate: Hamilton vs Satoshi Nakamoto. (sub Español).

Hamilton fue el autor principal de las políticas económicas de la administración de George Washington. Lideró la financiación de las deudas de los estados por el gobierno federal, así como el establecimiento de un banco nacional, un sistema tarifario, y unas relaciones comerciales amistosas con Gran Bretaña. Satoshi Nakamoto es el autor principal del sistema […]

Bitcoin Bob: Money Monopoly

“Austrian Cowboy” Bitcoin Bob sings the ultimate Country & Western song about the monetary system and the digital currency Bitcoin. Camera: Stanislav Mandryka & Anastasya Stolyarov Edited by Anastasya Stolyarov (We’re gonna end the) Money Monopoly Music & lyrics by Aaron Koenig Hey Mr. Draghi Go get yourself a job The European currency Is a […]

BITCOIN Official Song

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Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi

Alexander Hamilton and Satoshi Nakamoto engage in a battle rap debate on the merits of centralized and decentralized currencies. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below for a chance to win bitcoin. (Yes, we’re serious.) Watch the behind the scenes to see how this was made ► LYRICS ——- [HAMILTON] […]

Bitcoin-Gotta Cash ’em All (Pokemon Parody) By Jason Paige-The Original Theme Singer

It’s true. The Original Pokemon Theme Singer Jason Paige uses Bitcoin “TO UNDERSTAND THE POWER THATS INSIDE” ! I wanna pay with the very best Like no one ever has To mine them is our real test To use them is our cause Bit will travel across the land And all decentralized Just use Bitcoin […]

Blame it on MT.GOX

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Canción de Bitcoin subtitulos en Español HD – Bitcoin song

Blockchain, Bitcoin, criptomonedas, ethereum, revolucion financiera.

Elaine Diane Taylor – Bitcoin Barbarians

Vancouver, Canada singersongwriter Elaine Diane Taylor on the rise of Bitcoin.