Bitcoin Bob: Money Monopoly

“Austrian Cowboy” Bitcoin Bob sings the ultimate Country & Western song about the monetary system and the digital currency Bitcoin.

Camera: Stanislav Mandryka & Anastasya Stolyarov
Edited by Anastasya Stolyarov

(We’re gonna end the) Money Monopoly

Music & lyrics by Aaron Koenig

Hey Mr. Draghi
Go get yourself a job
The European currency
Is a flop that we’re gonna stop

We want our money and our markets to be free
Come sing with me, come sing with me:

We’re gonna
End the money monopoly
Decentralize the currency
End the money monopoly
End the FED
End the ECB

Hey Mr. Bernanke
We don’t want your paper bucks
We ‘ll shut down all the central banks
Cause Fiat Money sucks

Hey Mr. Nakamoto
Your invention rocks
It renders bankers obsolete
Let’s go and mine some blocks

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