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WTF is Quadratic Funding (in 60 sec)

WTF is Quadratic Funding (in 60 sec)

How Can $1 Turn Into $27? QUADRATIC FUNDING Explained

So what exactly is quadratic funding all about? How can it magnify the funding of public goods? And what are public goods in the first place? You鈥檒l find answers to these questions in this video. 馃挍 Finematics Gitcoin Grant 鈻 Quadratic funding is a concept that extends ideas from quadratic voting to a funding […]

Tokenomics 2nd Conference – Parasite Chain Detection in the IOTA Protocol

Andreas Penzkofer (IOTA Foundation), Bartosz Kusmierz (IOTA Foundation), Angelo Capossele (IOTA Foundation), William Sanders (IOTA Foundation), and Olivia Saa (IOTA Foundation). The Tokenomics 2nd Conference took place on October 26-27, 2020.

Starting with Bankless

Welcome to your bankless journey. This guide is your roadmap to the unknown. It’s your guide to the wild west of crypto and open finance. This YouTube channel plays an essential role as you level up. Let’s get started. 馃憠 GET WRITTEN GUIDE – START THE JOURNEY 鉁 馃摡 Subscribe to newsletter – […]

What Makes Cryptocurrency Valuable? – Tokenomics Part: 2

What Makes Cryptocurrency Valuable? – Tokenomics Part: 2 After covering the creation of cryptocurrencies and the networks that they live on, we wanted to dive a little deeper in Part 2. After all, deciding what type of token you want to make and where you’ll make it is just the beginning. In this part […]

What Makes Cryptocurrency Valuable? – Tokenomics Part: 1

What Makes Cryptocurrency Valuable? – Tokenomics Part: 1 When you look at a big list of cryptocurrencies and their prices, it can be easy to wonder why they’re priced the way they are. Don’t a lot of them do the same thing? Why would one token be worth $500 each while another similar token […]

Guillermo Covernton – 驴Banca Central o Banca Libre?

馃敂 饾棪饾槀饾榾饾棸饾椏饾椂饾棷饾椂饾榿饾棽 al canal y activ谩 las notificaciones 馃檶 鈻讹笍 Hablemos de Justicia, el Sistema Judicial explicado: 鈻讹笍 Curso de Econom铆a B谩sica: 鈻讹笍 Ciclo de conferencias semanales: 鈻讹笍 驴Por qu茅 no funciona el socialismo? 鈻讹笍 10 obras fundamentales de los pensadores de la libertad: 鈥庘柖锔 10 clases de historia argentina: […]

Fintech and the future of finance | Prof. Arman Eshraghi | TEDxCardiffUniversity

Fintech (financial technology) is not a new concept, but its influence of how we manage our finances has accelerated tremendously in recent years. Arman will explain why everyone (and not just finance professionals) should care about the growth and impact of fintech. Arman Eshraghi is a Professor of Finance and Chair of Finance and Investment […]

Esto es lo que nadie te dice sobre el Bitcoin, y otras monedas digitales

El economista Francisco Saavedra, explica lo que hay detr谩s del uso de las monedas digitales y por qu茅 sustituir谩 en corto plazo al modelo econ贸mico actual. — 驴Te gusta la televisi贸n de hoy? 驴El pensamiento 煤nico que transmite? 驴Sus mensajes pol铆ticamente correctos? Es posible construir otra televisi贸n. La televisi贸n del futuro: libre, independiente y sin […]

Un mundo sin billetes ni monedas – El fin del dinero en efectivo | DW Documental

Pagar sin dinero en efectivo ya es algo normal. Es r谩pido, f谩cil y c贸modo. En todo el mundo, las transacciones bancarias han reemplazado a los pagos en efectivo desde hace tiempo. El Bundesbank y el Gobierno alem谩n a煤n se aferran a las monedas y los billetes, pero, 驴pueden frenar la evoluci贸n hacia una sociedad sin […]

David Andolfatto: Fedcoin And The Implications Of Cryptocurrencies Issued By Central Banks

Many people think of Bitcoin as the ultimate contender against the power of central banks, most importantly the Federal Reserve System. But that is certainly not the only way that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain can be used and one particularly interesting idea is that central banks could issue their own cryptocurrencies. To discuss how this […]

DCEP: Will China DOMINATE Digital Currencies?

China has just embarked on the biggest and most ambitious project regarding money in the history of mankind (obviously something we should pay attention to) called DCEP. If they can execute the master plan successfully, the Chinese government obliterate the age-old banking infrastructure we have today 鈥 drastically changing how banks transfer and store money […]