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BLS Signatures and Key Sharing with Crypto Pairs

Demo: Pairing: Article: How To Create a General Election With a Single Signature for All Votes: Meet Boneh–Lynn–Shacham (BLS) signatures

Introducción a ZK Rollups

¿Alguna vez te preguntaste cuál es la mejor forma para escalar Ethereum? ¿Hacia dónde van los smart contracts? Henri nos hace una introducción a ZK Rollups y nos introduce dentro del desarrollo de Cairo con una demo de NFTs. Guías oficiales para desarrollar:

Supermodular with Kevin Owocki | Devcon 2022 #7

Kevin Owocki has moved on from Gitcoin and recently founded Supermodular, the venture studio built on top of Gitcoin to help promote digital public goods in the crypto ecosystem. —— 📣 Push | Try the Communication Protocol of Web3 —— 🚀 SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER: 🎙️ SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST: —— BANKLESS SPONSOR TOOLS: […]

The Heart of Ethereum with Aya Miyaguchi | Devcon 2022 #5

Welcome to Devcon 6. The first Devcon for Bankless, the conference was a ton of fun and an amazing cultural experience in Bogota, Colombia. Aya Miyaguchi is the executive director of the Ethereum Foundation. She is one of the leaders of Devcon, powering the cultural experience of this monumental conference. —— 📣 Push | Try […]

What is Hedera Hashgraph? HBAR Explained with Animations

Join the waitlist for the Web3 “Portfolio Builder” Bootcamp: Enroll in WhiteboardCrypto Club to claim your $20 ETH bonus, monthly NFT, and have immediate access to our community and private videos:

¿Ethereum Censurado? Inflación de Septiembre, ¿se profundiza la recesión? | Sheinix Live Show

En este sencillo video te explico lo que esta pasando en el mercado de las criptomonedas en este 2022, el precio de Bitcoin y Ethereum. #criptomonedas #buidl #crypto — Guia GRATUITA 11 Formas de GANAR DINERO con las Criptomonedas: — No esperes mas, anotate en la Academia Cripto de mas calidad: — ⛔️ […]

‘Solana Killer’ Aptos (APT) is Crypto’s New Controversial Chain

Today we’re diving into Aptos, the latest Layer 1 chain to come out on the market and position itself as a “safe, scalable” upgrade to Web3 infrastructure. Aptos was born out of Facebook’s defunct Libra and Diem crypto projects, has been hailed from “The Solana Killer,” has huge backers like FTX, Binance, and Andreessen Horrowitz […]

What is Aragon? – ANT Beginner Guide

Built on the Ethereum network, Aragon is a decentralized application with a focus on making blockchain adoption simple and easy to set up for organizations and enterprises. By combining open source tools with Ethereum’s security the project is aimed at corporate adoption for daily business uses. The platform encourages its users to build Decentralized Autonomous […]

What is Stratis? – STRAX Beginner Guide

Stratis is a platform offering Blockchain-as-a-service to enterprise organizations. Stratis prides itself on being transparent and easy to use for anyone familiar with C Sharp and dot NET programming languages. This approach makes for a broader appeal and creates a system that empowers developers to build on the Stratis platform. Our BlockCard Learn video series […]

What is Ravencoin? – RVN Beginners Guide

Ravencoin launched its cryptocurrency in 2018 on an open-source, digital peer-to-peer network. The Ravencoin blockchain enables instant payments around the world and provides useful blockchain technology for a growing community of developers to utilize and create their own assets. Our BlockCard Learn video series is designed to provide a quick and easy-to-understand overview of some […]

What uses The People’s Network?

From scooter and pet tracking to environmental sensing, and crucial healthcare monitoring solutions, a new class of devices finally have a way to connect using The People’s Network Connect with Helium Site: Twitter: Facebook: Discord: Medium: YouTube: LinkedIn:… Instagram: Reddit: Check out Helium for Developers documentation: […]

🔥 ETHEREUM pierde DOMINANCIA tras THE MERGE 🚨 Noticias bitcoin hoy y criptomonedas 👈

Las últimas noticias de bitcoin hoy y las mejores criptonoticias en Bit2Me Crypto News: 📉 Mientras más cerca estaba el The Merge, el dominio de Ethereum iba subiendo durante el verano. Muchos expertos estaban convencidos de que, después de la fusión presenciaríamos un aumento significativo. Pero, la realidad es que el dominio de Ethereum no […]
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