Bitcoin In Kenya – Documentary

Bitcoin In Kenya – A Film By Tomer Kantor
An IamSatoshi Production – 2014

Bitcoin In Kenya’s style is framed by an investigative approach to expose Bitcoin as a global digital currency, as well as a ground-breaking technology. It is a journey between rural-unbanked Kenya to Nairobi’s technological start-up hub. This was a lived experience, an invaluable addition to my research about global finance on a specific, local level.

Featuring [in order of appearance]:
Stephen Gornick
Michael Mungai
James Mwangi
George [Taxi Driver]
John Mwaura
Saruni Olelengeny
Mochor Kevin
Elizabeth Rossiello
Pelle Braendgaard
Nhial Majok

Music By:
Biosphere – Shika1
Molten – Faction

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