Railgun: The New Weapon in Privacy

RAILGUN secures privacy for DEX trading and lending. Built without any bridge or layer-2, RAILGUN is a smart contract system that gives zk-SNARK privacy to any transaction or smart contract interaction on Ethereum. https://www.railgun.ch/ Our sponsors https://balancer.fi/ https://nexo.io/?utm_source=thedefiant&utm_medium=fixed&utm_campaign=thedefiant_firstlook_jul21 https://liquity.org/defiant Follow The Defiant https://newsletter.thedefiant.io/ https://twitter.com/defiantnews https://thedefiant.io/ https://t.me/DefiantNews https://t.me/DefiantChat #TheDefiant​ #DeFi​ #Decentralized​ #Finance​ #Blockchain

5.4 Privacy of Bitcoin Lightning Network

Nadav Kohen [@Nadav_Kohen] explains that a Lightning Network channel opening looks on-chain like someone paid into a 2-of-2 multisignature. Taproot improves this, by utilizing Schnorr MuSig, where a multisignature looks like a single signature. In the future, a payment channel can settle more advanced things than “just” payments, like DLCs. Watch all Highlights: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPwc75tPMdsjpqK1YHYYG5b55M6Y–6Qd Watch […]

Privacy and Scale – Everything you need to know about Bitcoin’s Taproot (SOB#455)

Privacy & Scale – Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin’s TaprootText: In this episode of Speaking of Bitcoin (originally recorded in early January, 2021), join Adam B. Levine, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy and Jonathan Mohan as they dig into the much discussed but often poorly understood ‘Taproot’ improvement. This long-in-the-works, multi-part bitcoin improvement […]

1.3 The importance of good design for privacy wallets

Adam Ficsor [@nopara73] thinks that Wasabi used to be user friendly in it’s early days, but as the expectations and user group changed, there are countless improvement opportunities for the UI/UX. Website: https://WasabiWallet.io Blog: https://blog.WasabiWallet.io Documentation: https://docs.WasabiWallet.io GitHub: https://github.com/zkSNACKs/WalletWasabi Podcast: https://anchor.fm/Wasabikas

Cryptocurrency Explained: How to Get More Privacy on Bitcoin Transactions [Privacy is a Human Right]

In bitcoin, privacy isn’t a one and done sort of thing. However, there are simple ways you can increase privacy on your bitcoin transactions right now. Watch this video to learn how. Of course, these ideas apply to other cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets too. Chapters 0:00 What are some of the steps one should take to […]

This DeFi project is tackling big PRIVACY concerns! (Findora)

Findora is a new blockchain network that is built to address the privacy-concerns of the decentralized finance world. Essentially they want to keep the transparency of blockchain but yet allow for flexibility in terms of what information is available for people to see and also security. This means the user gets a lot more choice […]

🔵 🤔 ¿Se APAGA la fiebre por DEFI? – Bit2Me Crypto News – 04.12.2020

🎁 ¡SORTEO 100 PROGRAMAS! 🎁 https://twitter.com/bit2me/status/1334848680692768768 🤔 ¿Se apaga la fiebre de DeFi? – Cada vez se están quemando más WBTC – WBTC es un token emitido en la red de Ethereum que representa un BTC bloqueado en la red de Bitcoin – Algunas personas usan WBTC para poder interactuar en la red de Ethereum […]

La CRIPTOMONEDA de PRIVACIDAD #1 – Dash vs Zcash vs Monero

#Bitcoin #BTC #Criptomonedas #criptonoticias #criptodivisas En este video, hago una comparativa de Zcash, Monero y Dash, las cuales se consideran grandes criptomonedas de privacidad. La pregunta principal que abordo en el video es cual es la criptomoneda de privacidad #1. REFERENCIAS ▶The best privacy coins: https://www.keysheet.io/guides/best-privacy-coin/ ==================================================== 🙏 Agradeceré altamente, cualquier donación a este canal. […]

Private Ethereum Transactions NOW – Tornado.cash

https://tornado.cash/ 🤑 Learn how to become a highly paid blockchain dev: http://www.dappuniversity.com/bootcamp 🔴 Subscribe to this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0xL8V6NzzFcwzHCgB8orQ?sub_confirmation=1 Follow me on Twitter (@DappUniversity): https://twitter.com/DappUniversity Email me: gregory@dappuniversity.com

🔵 🙌 ETHEREUM supera los 600$ DÓLARES – Bit2Me Crypto News – 24.11.2020

🙌 Ethereum supera los 600 $ USD por primera vez en dos años – Desde junio de 2018 – Todavía menos de la mitad de su máximo histórico – XRP más de 100% en los últimos 7 días y Stellar XLM también muy cerca del 100% – Caso curioso de Ripple, la compañía que lanzó […]

WE NEED Privacy and Scaling on Blockchain – w. Prof Dawn Song Oasis Network (ROSE)

Privacy is the next big leap for blockchain technology as can be used to allow anonymous data sharing, exchanges without front running, and the real fungibility of tokens. We speak to Prof. Dawn Song about the need for privacy-preserving smart contracts and how this is implemented on Oasis (ROSE). ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Recommendations▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Recommendation List: https://www.cryptoatlas.io/Boxmining 🌼Buy & […]

🔵 🇺🇸 BITCOIN en el debate nacional de EE.UU? – Bit2Me Crypto News – 16.11.2020

🇺🇸 Bitcoin al debate nacional en Estados Unidos: – La senadora electa Cynthia Lummis, que ejercerá su función en el estado de Wyoming, quiere dar mayor visivilidad a bitcoin durante su mandato. – De acuerdo con la senadora, que compró su primer bitcoin en 2013 y que asegura no haber vendido, bitcoin tiene varias ventajas […]
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