Zero Knowledge Proofs – Computerphile

How do you prove something without giving away all your data? Zero Knowledge Proofs could hold the answer. Alberto Sonnino, Research Student at UCL explains. EXTRA BITS: Computing Limits: UCL Link: This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley. Computer Science at the University of Nottingham: Computerphile is […]

Michael Riabzev’s ZK-STARK Talk (Tel-Aviv ZKP Meetup)

Michael Riabzev, co-founder & Chief Architect @ StarkWare giving a talk at the first ZKP Meetup in Tel-Aviv, Oct 2018

Zero Knowledge Proofs and Their Future Applications by Elad Verbin at Web3 Summit 2018

Elad Verbin, Lead Scientist & Founding Partner at Moon Math Capital & Berlin Innovation Ventures, presents Privacy on the Blockchain: Zero Knowledge Proofs and Their Future Applications. This video was recorded at Web3 Summit 2018 in Berlin.

Zero Knowledge Proof – ZKP

Protecting your online privacy could become a lot easier with Zero Knowledge Proof. A technique that allows you to prove things without disclosing what it is you’re proving. Need to have a certain age before you can signup for a service? You can deliver a proof that you meet the criteria without sharing your actual […]