33. Aprende Yield Farming desde cero

¿Sabías que el Yield Farming es una actividad que realizan los traders e inversionitas para invertir y obtener mayor rendimiento en sus criptos? Conoce más y como funciona el Yield Farming en esta nueva sesión de DeFi Webinar Series y de la mano de Jay Campuzano, referente del ecosistema blockchain. Bitso IG, TW: @bitso Facebook: […]

Is Yield Farming DEAD? Are There ANY Good Opportunities Left? DEFI Explained

So is Yield Farming dead? Are there any good farming opportunities left? And when are 1000% APYs coming back? We’ll answer all of these questions in this video. Before we jump into the main topic, let’s quickly recap what yield farming actually is. Yield Farming, in essence, is a way of trying to maximise a […]

How To Farm SAFE tokens (Insurance farming pool) : A Step By Step Guide

Remember to hit the link and subscribe button for more awesome farming opportunities! Website mentioned in video : – coingecko.com – yieldfarming.insure What is up everyone, here’s another yield farming video. You’re here because you want to learn how to yield farm SAFE tokens (insurance powered farming pools) so this video is made to make […]


So what are Yearn Vaults all about? Also, how does the ETH Vault work under the hood and how can it bring over 60% returns? We’ll go through all of this in this video. Yearn Vaults, in essence, are pools of funds with an associated strategy for maximising returns on the asset in the vault. […]

A DeFi Lesson: What is Yield Farming?

📺This lesson relates to questions I received about “What is Yield Farming?” after creating these videos below on how to earn/farm yield with DeFi applications Compound Finance as well as Curve Finance. In this video, I discuss what does this new popular meme in the DeFi (decentralized finance) community in Ethereum refer to, what are […]