TUTORIAL Cómo funciona Bit2Me TRADE – 2021

Aprende en este video tutorial cómo funciona Bit2Me Trade y así poder utilizar nuestra nueva herramienta de Trading. 🚀 Suscríbete a nuestro Canal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBiADuI8MB13Rxbx-o0WUBw?sub_confirmation=1 #Tutorial #Bit2Me #Trade #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Criptomonedas 🎁 *¡Has descubierto un regalo!* Si estás aquí, aprendiendo, te mereces nuestro regalo especial: Regístrate en Bit2Me con este enlace y en tu primera compra […]

Como entender un GRÁFICO para hacer TRADING – Ser Trader – Velas y Medias Móviles

Hoy Yohan nos va a explicar como entender un gráfico a la hora de hacer trading. Entender y saber leer una gráfica es importantísimo a la hora de poder elegir que decisión tomar mientras hacemos trading. Interpretar correctamente un activo/criptomoneda es crucial para poder tener buenos resultados y que el mercado no nos juegue en […]

🔵 📈 Ya está aquí! Bit2Me TRADE – Bit2Me Crypto News – 25-05-2021

📈 Nace Bit2Me Trade, la primera plataforma de trading de criptomonedas desarrollada por un exchange español – Bit2me trade es una plataforma de trading profesional en la que podrás intercambiar criptomonedas con muchas más funcionalidades, en tiempo real en un mercado de alta frecuencia – Para empezar a negociar en Bit2me trade solo tienes que […]

Margin Trading 101: How It Works

What is margin trading? What is a margin? What is the difference between a cash account and a margin account? In episode #34 of Real World Finance we dive deep into answering these questions! If you are new to trading, don’t worry, this video is right up your alley! So if you’re still with me, […]

Bitcoin Futures for Dummies – Explained with CLEAR Examples!

What are Bitcoin futures and what are some examples that show how they work? In this video, I explain Bitcoin futures in a beginner-friendly way and also provide examples of how futures work in other real world markets. I also explain going short vs. long on a futures contract, how futures prices track spot prices, […]

Trading – ¿QUÉ es el APALANCAMIENTO? ¿Cómo funciona el APALANCAMIENTO?

En el mundo del #trading una de las cosas más importante de entender es el #apalancamiento o leverage. En este video te explicamos como funciona el apalancamiento en derivados. Entender este concepto te servirá mucho para poder complementar tu estrategia de trading y así gestionar de mejor manera el dinero. Regístrate a Bybit: https://coinary.tv/link/bybit/ Telegram […]

Algorithmic Trading Using Python – Full Course

Learn how to perform algorithmic trading using Python in this complete course. Algorithmic trading means using computers to make investment decisions. Computer algorithms can make trades at a speed and frequency that is not possible by a human. After learning the basics of algorithmic trading, you will learn how to build three algorithmic trading projects. […]

Is Bitcoin A Currency? | Digital Asset Trading | Experts Interviews | Crypto Currencies | Bloomberg

This Bloomberg experts interviews focus on 4 topics: (1) Is Bitcoin a currency? (2) Why digital asset trading? (3) Is Bitcoin an asset? (4) Is there a need for governmental control? FOLLOW US! ✘ Facebook – https://bit.ly/2ZuPeXp ✘ Instagram – https://bit.ly/3imlHGY ✘ Twitter – https://bit.ly/2PEmZkD SUPPORT US! ✘ Membership – https://bit.ly/2FPCTax #documentaries #bitcoin #cryptonews COPYRIGHT: […]

Trading Every Asset Class with DeFi Derivatives

NOTE: As you cruise along this series, you will notice how fast the DeFi space is; both in terms of execution and change. So if you happen to spot a discrepancy between what is being said and what is shown on screen, particularly in regards to numbers, it is due to the rapid nature of […]

How Can $1 Turn Into $27? QUADRATIC FUNDING Explained

So what exactly is quadratic funding all about? How can it magnify the funding of public goods? And what are public goods in the first place? You’ll find answers to these questions in this video. 💛 Finematics Gitcoin Grant ► https://gitcoin.co/grants/1158/finematics-defi-education Quadratic funding is a concept that extends ideas from quadratic voting to a funding […]

DeFi 101 [Pilot]: What is Impermanent Loss?

This is DeFi 101. A new series brought to you in collaboration with @The Defiant , @Harmony Protocol and @DeFi Tutorials with DeFi Dad With 30 planned episodes, DeFi 101 will serve as an introduction into decentralized finance, blockchain, and crypto-related terminology as well as practical use cases of this ever-growing space. Bear in mind, […]

Common uses of DeFi: Lending, Borrowing, Trading, and Stablecoins

NOTE: As you cruise along this series, you will notice how fast the DeFi space is; both in terms of execution and change. So if you happen to spot a discrepancy between what is said and what is shown on screen, particularly in regards to numbers, it is due to that. Keep it in mind […]
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