Fintech and the future of finance | Prof. Arman Eshraghi | TEDxCardiffUniversity

Fintech (financial technology) is not a new concept, but its influence of how we manage our finances has accelerated tremendously in recent years. Arman will explain why everyone (and not just finance professionals) should care about the growth and impact of fintech. Arman Eshraghi is a Professor of Finance and Chair of Finance and Investment […]

Blockchain In Food Industry (Part 1) | DOCUMENTARY | Crypto Currencies | Bitcoins | Supply Chain

What’s blockchain doing in your dinner? Blockchain is the technology that powers cryptocurrencies, but Joshua Lim finds out that food companies are using blockchain to secure their food chain. Why It Matters Episode 5: On the Menu – Blockchain (Part 1) – Join tech fanatic Joshua Lim on a journey to the future to discover […]

Blockchain Glossary: What is a Fork?

Our A-Z blockchain glossary is the perfect guide to help you understand this emerging technology. Learn all the blockchain and crypto terms and phrases you need to know! Blockchain Jargon Glossary Series #6: Fork

The Convergence of AI and Blockchain: Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain technology, Deep Learning, and Interplanetary File Systems? How can we merge all this cool new technology to create something useful and beautiful? Watch this talk to learn about the underlying technologies that can help create decentralized artificial intelligence. EVENT: EngineersSG 2018 SPEAKER: Siraj Raval PERMISSIONS: The original video was published with the Creative Commons […]

The Holy Trinity – Blockchain, AI, IoT | Aman Sanduja | TEDxDTU

Mr. Sanduja explains the importance of data in the new digital age using the Holy Trinity of technologies, namely, the Blockchain technology, AI and IoT. He believes that incorporating an interweave of these technologies into our daily lives is the next step forward for achieving transparent, straightforward and swift interactions for services. “The change that […]

Blockchains for the Internet of Things – Solving the IoTs Most Critical Problems

Blockchains are poised to revolutionize the Industrial internet of things. Providing security, peer-to-peer device communications and new functionality via smart properties. Andre De Castro CEO of Blockchain of Things, Inc. discusses why blockchains make sense to be used for the IIoT

Blockchain + AI = Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

What happens when we take two hottest technologies of today, AI and Blockchain, and put them together? Watch this talk by Siraj Raval to get the answer! EVENT: Slush 2017 SPEAKER: Siraj Raval PERMISSIONS: The original video was published on the Slush YouTube channel with the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed). ORIGINAL SOURCE:

Slovenia – The Crypto Country | Documentary

Slovenia has more than 300 merchants accepting Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies which makes it one of the top countries per capita worldwide. The regulators are also pro crypto, which can turn this country into a crypto stronghold. ►►►Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel and hit the bell “🔔” icon to get notifications: […]

DNS on a BlockChain

Zaki Manian talks about security problems with the domain name system and how the Ethereum blockchain can help. Presented on the Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup on Sunday April 6th 2014. Ethereum – Ethereum Whitepaper – Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup – Zaki Manian – Event organised & audio recording by Christian Peel […]

8. Forks

MIT MAS.S62 Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design, Spring 2018 Instructor: Neha Narula View the complete course: YouTube Playlist: Explanation of types of forks in blockchain technology. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at

1. Signatures, Hashing, Hash Chains, e-cash, and Motivation

MIT MAS.S62 Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design, Spring 2018 Instructor: Neha Narula, Tadge Dryja View the complete course: YouTube Playlist: Introduces currency, banking, and electronic cash. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at

Why IPFS? – Juan Benet

Juan Benet, fundador y CEO de Protocol Labs, una empresa de investigación y desarrollo de redes informáticas, nos habla de su creación IPFS y su visión personal sobre la misma.
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