Blockchain Glossary: What is a Fork?

Our A-Z blockchain glossary is the perfect guide to help you understand this emerging technology. Learn all the blockchain and crypto terms and phrases you need to know! Blockchain Jargon Glossary Series #6: Fork

Tools & Resources: Introduction to Sia Skynet | David Vorick

Sia is Sia is a decentralized storage platform that Block COVID teams building blockchain projects can use as a file storage layer. David Vorick, Co-founder & CEO of Sia introduces Sia Skynet, the decentralized file sharing and content distribution protocol. Learn more about Sia Skynet: Block COVID: Block COVID Slack: Block COVID […]

Michael Riabzev’s ZK-STARK Talk (Tel-Aviv ZKP Meetup)

Michael Riabzev, co-founder & Chief Architect @ StarkWare giving a talk at the first ZKP Meetup in Tel-Aviv, Oct 2018