How are Transactions Feeless on EOSIO?

With blockchain platforms that use a proof-of-work consensus mechanism, there are fees for each transaction processed. EOSIO eliminates these by having the network shoulder the burden of these costs – through inflation – rather than making the individual users of the network pay to access its combined resources. In other words, ownership of tokens covers […]

🔵 💸 Mueven 70 mil BITCOIN del MERCADO NEGRO – Bit2Me Crypto News – 04.11.2020

💸 Se mueven 1.000 millones de dólares en bitcoin que habían hecho parte de Silk Road: – Silk Road, mercado negro – Casi 70.000 BTC que no se movían desde 2015 han sido transferidos a dos transacciones – La firma de análisis de Bitcoin Ciphertrace especula que el movimiento se puedo haber presentado para actualizar […]

Succinct Atomic Swap

How to perform an atomic swap in merely two (or three) transactions, instead of four.

MIT Bitcoin Expo 2020 – The State of Cross-Chain Communication

James Prestwich (Founder, Summa) presenting on cross-chain communication at the 2020 MIT Bitcoin Expo

Bitcoin Q&A: CoinJoin, Privacy, and Network Bifurcation

Will CoinJoins making blockchain analytics irrelevant? Could there be a bifurcation of the network over privacy improvements, if a large portion of the supply is held in centralised services? CORRECTION: At 1:57 I say that the European Union has deemed CoinJoin to be illegal. This is completely false. While various centralized / custodial mixing services […]

Historia del debate de la escalabilidad de Bitcoin – De 2010 a 2017

Entender el debate de la escalabilidad de Bitcoin que empezó en 2010 y se alargo hasta 2017, es entender cuáles son los actores de Bitcoin, qué les mueve y sobre todo conocer los intereses reales de muchos de sus participantes. Juan Galt se me acompaña durante más de 2h y media para entender el papel […]

Cómo es la arquitectura de una Hardware Wallet con Rémi D’Alise de Ledger – L78

En el sector de las hardware wallets Ledger es quien domina el mercado y como tal es también el receptor de la gran mayoría de críticas: su firmware Closed Source, su soporte a todas las altcoins, la falta de características pro privacidad, su conexión por cable etc. En el L78 me siento con Rémi d’Alise […]

Bitcoin, Human Rights, the Oslo Freedom Forum W Alex Gladstein Bitcoin Magazine

This week for Bitcoin Magazine Podcast CK and the Chief Strategy Officer of the Human Rights Foundation, Alex Gladstein sit down to discuss the current state of human rights, Bitcoin’s role in the fight for human rights, and the upcoming virtual Oslo Freedom Forum.  Find Alex on Twitter @Gladstein  Find the Human Rights Foundation @HRF […]

Bitcoin Narratives in the Current Geopolitical Backdrop – Drinks in Quarantine Bites

Join BTC Sessions, Max Keiser, Pomp, KIS BTC, CK, BranBTC and your favorite Bitcoin Youtubers as they discuss Youtube, Bitcoin content/education, Social media, the bitcoin community, and much more! #Bitcoin #BitcoinMagazine #BitcoinYoutubers

Bitcoin – Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin’s creator satoshi Nakamoto has remained a mystery, until today. Music Used White Bat Audio – Dark Synthwave – Eternal Night (No Copyright) Cinematic and Documentary Background Music For Films & Serials – by AShamaluevMusic Heroes – The fascinating world – Carmen Habanera (Georges Bizet Cover) – Myuu 12 Rooms 12 Vacancies – […]

The Bitcoin Boom | Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble | Spark

Bitcoin, by now you’ve probably heard of it, the wild fluctuations in its price has gained the attention of the mainstream financial media. But, Bitcoin is much more than just your average investment. Beneath all the hype and hysteria lies what could be the most important technology of our lifetime. So, what exactly is it? […]

The Truth About Bitcoin – Documentary

This video is a documentary that delves into the truth about Bitcoin. Bitcoin has transformed our world, but very little, is still known about how the technology actually works, to the general public. #bitcoindocumentary #thetruthaboutbitcoin #cryptocurrency===================================================Social Media Links: (exclusive content)=====================================================About The Band Of Brothers Channel – This channel specializes in teaching you about cryptocurrency, […]