Regulation Riddles

Happy bloody monday to you. Except… wait… what’s this? It’s not red it’s green. But before you go 100x leverage it’s probably worth just taking a breath. We might be recovering but in my humble opinion the picture isn’t clear yet. And that perfectly describes the regulatory situation which kept popping up on my feed […]

🔵 🥳 Día HISTÓRICO: BITCOIN moneda de cambio en EL SALVADOR – Bit2Me Crypto News- 09-06-2021

🥳 Día HISTÓRICO: BITCOIN moneda de cambio en EL SALVADOR La votación en el congreso de El Salvador fue esta pasada noche, finalmente se convierte en el primer país en el mundo en aprobar el uso del Bitcoin como moneda de intercambio. Según Bukele se quiere dar ejemplo sobre cómo el Bitcoin puede cambiar las […]

Cryptocurrency Explained: Chinese Bitcoin Mining, Taproot activation, Megacorps & Bitcoin [2021]

Looking for an entertaining, trustworthy, unbiased opinion on bitcoin and open blockchains? This is it. Take a look at the timestamps to find the questions you’re most interested in! 0:00:00 In the Beginning 0:01:39 Welcome and we are live 0:02:38 Do you think mining is becoming more or less decentralized? How open to Sybil attack […]

Investing in DeFi? You Need to Know the 5 Categories of Risks You’re Facing [2021]

DeFi has become the darling of the cryptocurrency industry over the past year. So let’s talk about the 5 categories of risks you face when investing in DeFi. Watch and learn. Chapters 0:00 What are the risks with DeFi? 0:39 Financial risk 1:59 Counterparty risk 2:38 Contract risk (primary and secondary contract risk) 5:09 Platform […]

Fractionalizing Ownership & Perspectives on India with MetaKovan Part 2 (SOB 460)

On this episode of Speaking of Bitcoin, NFT early adopter MetaKovan (Vignesh Sundaresan) joins the hosts for part two of our three part exploration.    This time we discuss the B.20 token project, plus the ongoing challenges and opportunities of India. Prefer to listen as a Podcast? Subscribe to Speaking of Bitcoin: Apple Podcasts: […]

Top 6 Bitcoin FUD You Gotta Avoid!

As a Bitcoin investor, we often face scary yet convincing FUD arguments. That stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. These may be spread by the uninformed or critics that want to see Bitcoin fail. Either way they are designed to scare us and get us to Panic Sell. In this video I want to cover […]

Cracking Enigma in 2021 – Computerphile

Enigma is known as the WWII cipher, but how does it hold up in 2021? Dr Mike Pound implemented it and shows how it stacks up against his laptop. Mikes Code: Cryptool v2 is here: The original paper that Mike’s attack is based off This video was filmed and edited […]


So what is the current state of decentralized finance? Where are we with different scaling solutions on Ethereum? How about DeFi on other chains? And what is the most likely scenario when it comes to the future of DeFi? You’ll find answers to these questions in this video. Decentralized Finance, together with the whole cryptocurrency […]

The Must-have tool for Liquidity Providers in DeFi | Interview with founder of LiquidityFolio

LIQUIDITY FOLIO 👉 Website: 👉 Twitter of Federico (founder): FREE TRAININGS 👉 How to find your first 6-Figures Blockchain Developer Job: 👉 Learn how to create Profitable Flashloans: COURSES 👉 DeFi Development Mastery: 👉 Profitable Flashloans: 👉 6 Figures Blockchain developer course: FACEBOOK GROUP 👉 Other Links: […]

Prime Numbers & RSA Encryption Algorithm – Computerphile

RSA is widespread on the Internet, and uses large prime numbers – but how does it work? Dr Tim Muller takes us through the details. Apologies for the poor audio quality of this video which is due to the remote nature in which it was recorded. This video was filmed and edited by […]

Chacha Cipher – Computerphile

The only viable alternative to AES? Dr Mike Pound unravels the clever ChaCha cipher. This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley. Computer Science at the University of Nottingham: Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran’s Numberphile. More at
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