Prime Numbers & RSA Encryption Algorithm – Computerphile

RSA is widespread on the Internet, and uses large prime numbers – but how does it work? Dr Tim Muller takes us through the details. Apologies for the poor audio quality of this video which is due to the remote nature in which it was recorded. This video was filmed and edited by […]

Chacha Cipher – Computerphile

The only viable alternative to AES? Dr Mike Pound unravels the clever ChaCha cipher. This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley. Computer Science at the University of Nottingham: Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran’s Numberphile. More at

¿Cómo funciona el cifrado de Extremo a extremo?

Donald Trump quiere terminar con el cifrado de datos en las apps de mensajería. Pepe Pulido te explica por qué son importantes para tu seguridad. #E2EE #cifradoExtremoaExtremo #WhatsApp –––– Más de Código Espagueti en: Página: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

¿Qué es Cifrado de Extremo a Extremo?

La mayoría de aplicaciones de mensajería han blindado con este método los mensajes que mandamos a nuestros amigos y familiares, ¿sabéis qué es el cifrado de extremo a extremo y en qué consiste? Os lo contamos. ——————————­——————————­- Tienes toda la información aquí: Y si quieres estar siempre al tanto, éstas son nuestras redes: Web: […]

High-Speed Cryptography in Java: X25519, Poly1305, and EdDSA

Adam Petcher, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle JDK 11 includes support for the first of a new breed of cryptographic algorithm that features improved performance, trustworthiness, and security in cloud and multitenant environments. This session describes the features and implementations of some of these algorithms: X25519 key agreement, Poly1305 authentication, and EdDSA signatures. The […]

Michael Riabzev’s ZK-STARK Talk (Tel-Aviv ZKP Meetup)

Michael Riabzev, co-founder & Chief Architect @ StarkWare giving a talk at the first ZKP Meetup in Tel-Aviv, Oct 2018

What is the merkle tree in Bitcoin?

Explanation of cryptographic hash: 13uJjYF12aRVdwaiTmALx5XDfguQ9MnYtK

Blockchain: What will we solve together?

Ana Paula Assis, IBM Latin America General Manager, shares how Blockchain technology is revolutionizing business and society in general. Speaker: Ana Paula Assis, General Manager IBM Latin America. #IBMInnovationX

Efficient Distributed Key Generation for Threshold Signatures – SBC ’19

Efficient Distributed Key Generation for Threshold Signatures – Mahnush Movahedi Stanford Blockchain Conference (SBC) ’19, January 30th – February 1st 2019, Stanford University Slides and a full listing of talks are available at Stanford Cyber Initiative and Stanford Center for Blockchain Research

Zero Knowledge Proof – ZKP

Protecting your online privacy could become a lot easier with Zero Knowledge Proof. A technique that allows you to prove things without disclosing what it is you’re proving. Need to have a certain age before you can signup for a service? You can deliver a proof that you meet the criteria without sharing your actual […]

Benedikt Bünz : Bulletproofs

Benedikt Bünz ( spoke about Bulletproofs. Benedikt is a PhD student in the Applied Cryptography Group at Stanford. Bulletproofs are short non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs that require no trusted setup. A bulletproof can be used to convince a verifier that an encrypted plaintext is well formed. For example, it can prove that an encrypted number is […]

Fundamentos de Blockchain e Criptomoedas 14 de 16: Contratos Inteligentes

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