DeFi 101 [Pilot]: What is Impermanent Loss?

This is DeFi 101. A new series brought to you in collaboration with @The Defiant , @Harmony Protocol and @DeFi Tutorials with DeFi Dad With 30 planned episodes, DeFi 101 will serve as an introduction into decentralized finance, blockchain, and crypto-related terminology as well as practical use cases of this ever-growing space. Bear in mind, […]

Common uses of DeFi: Lending, Borrowing, Trading, and Stablecoins

NOTE: As you cruise along this series, you will notice how fast the DeFi space is; both in terms of execution and change. So if you happen to spot a discrepancy between what is said and what is shown on screen, particularly in regards to numbers, it is due to that. Keep it in mind […]

Lending And Borrowing In DEFI Explained – Aave, Compound

So have you ever been wondering how lending and borrowing works in DeFi? How are the supply and borrow rates determined? And what is the main difference between the most popular lending protocols such as Compound and Aave? We’ll answer all of these questions in this video. Lending and borrowing is one of the most […]

El protocolo DeFi Aave: Flash Loan, mercado uniswap y modelo gobierno

El Ponente: Pablo Candela es Jefe de soporte técnico en Aave, siguiendo la evolución de la tecnología blockchain desde 2017 y profesionalmente desde 2018 trabajando y promoviendo en la evolución de las finanzas descentralizadas, oportunidades y servicios que pueden proveer Aave es un protocolo de código abierto y sin custodia que permite la creación de […]

Chatting with Stani Kulechov (AAVE FOUNDER) – Defi Mania, Dangers, Yield Farming, Institutions

Today we speak with the founder of Aave Stani Kulechov, we dig deep into the current state of Defi, Yield Farming, stable coins, lending and so much more. We talk both about the good and the bad, there is some danger in the Defi market that you guys need to know about that we discuss. […]

Intro to Aave | Decentralized Lending & Borrowing Protocol on Ethereum

Aave is a decentralized & non-custodial protocol for lending & borrowing cryptoassets. This video reviews usage of Aave via the project’s hosted website and through 3rd parties. ** Please view the pinned comment for timelinks to skip to a specific topic. ** Aave Aave @ Twitter Aave @ Discord (chat with team & […]
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