Blockchain & Internet of Things

Take the full course: Follow along with the eBook: Twitter: LinkedIn: As we move from the technology paradigm of the industrial age characterized by machines and stand-alone mechanical systems, a new class of technology is emerging. Namely, the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize human life at unprecedented levels. The […]


Checksum is a method of checking for errors in a communications system. I’m Mr. Woo and my channel is all about learning – I love doing it, and I love helping others to do it too. I guess that’s why I became a teacher! I hope you get something out of these videos – I […]

Introducing EnjinCraft: Minecraft Blockchain Plugin

The EnjinCraft plugin brings blockchain to Minecraft, allowing players to integrate, use, and trade blockchain-based game items in their servers. Get Started:

Mining Difficulty – Simply Explained

Mining Bitcoin or Ethereum is a hard task for your computer. But why? And what does the difficulty have to do with the security of blockchains? Learn all about blockchains, consensus algorithms and why difficulty adjustment is crucial to keep everything operating at an optimal (and safe) level.

Benedikt Bünz : Bulletproofs

Benedikt Bünz ( spoke about Bulletproofs. Benedikt is a PhD student in the Applied Cryptography Group at Stanford. Bulletproofs are short non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs that require no trusted setup. A bulletproof can be used to convince a verifier that an encrypted plaintext is well formed. For example, it can prove that an encrypted number is […]

Liquidity Network Pitch

We present the Liquidity.Network, a trustless off-chain payment hub that significantly increases the number of participants and transactions that can be carried over an open and decentralized blockchain, while reducing costs and frictions compared to traditional payment channels. Join us under and under Telegram

Aplicaciones del blockchain: lo que está por venir

Bitcoin es solo la punta del iceberg de la tecnología blockchain, pero pronto veremos cómo se integra en todos los ámbitos de la sociedad. Te contamos algunas de las aplicaciones del Blockchain que están por venir. Más información: Suscríbete: Web: -Redes Sociales- Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Google +: Instagram: […]