Balancer Finance Tutorial (Pools, Trading, Solidity Integration)

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What Is IMPERMANENT LOSS? DEFI Explained – Uniswap, Curve, Balancer, Bancor

Have you ever provided liquidity to a liquidity pool just to realise that some of your coins have gone missing? In this video, we’ll learn what “impermanent loss” is and how it can affect liquidity providers’ profits. In essence, impermanent loss is a temporary loss of funds occurring when providing liquidity. It’s very often explained […]

How do LIQUIDITY POOLS work? (Uniswap, Curve, Balancer) | DEFI Explained

Liquidity pools, in essence, are pools of tokens that are locked in a smart contract. They are used to facilitate trading by providing liquidity and are extensively used by some of the decentralized exchanges a.k.a DEXes. One of the first projects that introduced liquidity pools was Bancor, but they became widely popularised by Uniswap. Curve […]

Qué es Balancer Finance ⚖️💰 Lo último de #DeFi en #Ethereum (2020)

Conversación con Fernando Martinelli, CEO de Balancer Labs, contándonos sobre el proyecto Balancer Finance (DeFi), un exchange descentralizado en Ethereum que ofrece muchas más posibilidades que sólo intercambiar criptoactivos (criptomonedas). Mira Balancer acá: Aprende lo más importante sobre Bitcoin en el curso de Bitcobie acá: Forma parte de la comunidad de CryptoPlaza acá: […]