Ardor: Introduction to Java based blockchain smart contracts framework (Jelurida)

In this lecture, we will present a blockchain contracts framework developed in pure Java and deployed into standard Java JRE for Ardor.

Blockchain Ardor: Tutorial Seminar on Turing-complete Ignis Lightweight Contracts with Lior Yaffe

In this installment, Lead Developer and Managing Director of Jelurida, Lior Yaffe, leads an introductory technical seminar on Ardor's revolutionary Turing-complete lightweight contracts deployed to the Ignis child chain.

Blockchain Ardor: Demo of Custom Bundlers, 0 Transaction Fees for App Users, and Hedging

In this installment, we tackle two of the most critical issues facing blockchain platforms at the moment: customizing end user fees for dApps so that they can be as low as 0, and hedging to provide predictable day-to-day business transaction expenses on the blockchain.

Blockchain Ardor: Demo of Transaction Vouchers- Invoicing, Exchange Withdrawals, Share Distributions

We discuss the impact this new feature could have for business invoicing, "deposit" and "withdrawal" vouchers for exchanges, and ICO or company share distributions