Emergent Complexity and Building Systems We Don’t Understand

SOB #475 Emergent Complexity and Building Systems We Don’t Understand If you landed in medieval times, could you build a phone? Or something even simpler, a pencil? Join hosts Adam B. Levine, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy & Jonathan Mohan for a deep dive into the wildly empowering, complex and terrifyingly automated world we live […]

Phones controlling LN nodes, Mastering the Lighting Network, and Eternal Channels [2021]

Chapters 0:00 I’m a bit fearful of running a LN wallet on my phone since the app or my phone are not always on. But running a node on my always on desktop at home is not handy and mobile. Can I run a combination where my phone controls the node? 3:04 How can we […]

Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Open Topic Livestream with Andreas – Audio Only – June 2021

Looking for an entertaining, trustworthy, unbiased opinion on bitcoin and open blockchains? This is it. During this livestream Andreas will answer questions about bitcoin and open blockchains, like Ethereum and the lightning network. Andreas never talks investment but if you want to learn about the technology then don’t miss this event. Chapters 0:00 Introduction 1:35 […]

Crypto Explained: Taproot Drawbacks, Bitcoin Energy Usage, Ethereum FEES!!! + more [May 2021]

Have you been worried about the crypto prices? This livestream won’t help you. But if you want to learn about the technology, fees, privacy, energy consumption and more, then you should listen in. This one is audio only. Enjoy! Chapters 0:00 start waiting period 3:10 Could you explain how miners signal their support (or not) […]

I Can’t Afford One Bitcoin! What Can I Do? (SOB#457)

Special Note: Check out Speaking of Bitcoin’s very first collectible NFT. https://app.rarible.com/token/0x60f80121c31a0d46b5279700f9df786054aa5ee5:308859:0x86ce5d50015a54c9d7fd044212ed6f243f73802b For this first one, only a single token is available in a no-reserve auction format which will end sometime between March 13th and 14th. This week on Speaking of Bitcoin, we’re digging into a good question you’ll often hear from new users.    […]

Mastering the Lightning Network with Andreas and René – Bonus Livestream Event

They’re literally writing the book about the Lightning Network and in this video, they answer your questions and you have the opportunity to test your knowledge! Andreas and René, 2 of the 3 authors of the upcoming book, Mastering the Lightning Network which will be published by one of the most trusted and respected publishers […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Can Bitcoin Be User-Friendly Without Compromising Security?

Is it possible to make backing up your crypto keys very user-friendly without compromising security? In this Q&A clip Andreas theories that we may see social sharing mechanisms for crypto security. But what is best for today? 00:00 How can the average Bitcoin user have user-friendly secure storage without compromising security? 00:13 A social sharing […]

Bitcoin Q&A: When Will Taproot, Schnorr, & Tapscript Be Implemented?

00:00 When will SegWit v1, Taproot, Schnorr and Eltoo be added to the Bitcoin protocol? 00:23 SegWit v1 Introduces Taproot, Schnorr signatures and Tapscript 00:47 When will these changes be introduced? 01:27 How will SegWit v1 be activated? A number of changes to the Bitcoin protocol are in the works. These changes include Taproot, Schnorr […]

Bitcoin Q&A: SIGHASH_NOINPUT and Custodial Wallets

Do Bitcoin Core / base layer developers and Lightning Network / second layer developers coordinate? What is SIGHASH_NOINPUT? Where can I find details about how locking and unlocking scripts work for Lightning channels? BOLT 3 focuses on script formatting. How safe are custodial Lightning wallets? These questions are from the March and April monthly subscriber […]

New Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange Regulations in the US [“Self-Hosted” Wallets Unaffected]

Is the Trump administration is trying to push through bitcoin & cryptocurrency wallet regulations in the USA? Maybe you’ve seen the CEO of Coinbase make statements against these regulations. But what’s actually being proposed? Why are exchange CEOs making statements [HINT: it’s not altruism or principles]? Watch this 10 min video to learn what these […]

🔵 😨 1 MILLÓN DE DATOS personales EXPUESTOS – Bit2Me Crypto News – 22.11.2020

😨 Usuarios de Ledger amenazan con emprender acciones legales después de que un hacker hiciera pública su información personal – El hacker hizo una brecha en la seguridad que le dio acceso a los datos personales de más de 1.000.000 de correos – Ahora los afectados se plantean una demanda conjunta contra la empresa para […]

Cheaters Can’t Cheat: Fairness Protocol Explained [The value in bitcoin, ethereum, open blockchains]

What is really unique and valuable about bitcoin or ethereum? It’s more than monetary policy. More than smart contracts. In this video, Andreas explains what he calls, “The Fairness Protocol”, using a story from his childhood of his cousins, a bowl of french fries, and the dilemma of how to fairly split the food between […]
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