Andreas Antonopoulos

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Delivering Liberty, at Scale

In this talk, Andreas outlines the future micropayment ecosystem, how the fee market works, and why the simple / obvious solution to scaling is not always the right one. He also reflects on what to learn from the mistakes of internet engineering, and how we will overcome these challenges in Bitcoin to serve the under-served […]

Money as a System-of-Control

We know that money serves as: – A Store of Value (SoV) – A Medium of Exchange (MoE) and – A Unit of Account (UoA) But what happens when a fourth use of money is introduced, one which subordinates all the other characteristics: money as a system of control. This talk took place at the […]

Advanced Bitcoin Scripting — Part 1: Transactions & Multisig

This is the first part of a more technical talk where Andreas explores Bitcoin script, with examples from the 2nd edition of Mastering Bitcoin, focusing on the use of conditional statements, flow control, guard clauses and time locks. The examples will include advanced multi-signature scripts, hash time lock contracts and asymmetric revocable commitments. Then he […]

Open Blockchains for Cashless Developed Economies

In this talk, Andreas looks at how cashless countries like Norway could benefit from Bitcoin and the blockchain ecosystem, such as open access to and flexibility of payment options, and a stable store of value independent of national interests, on a global scale. This talk took place at The Nordic Creators’ Community (@MESHnorway) for Oslo […]

Bitcoin: Where the Laws of Mathematics Prevail

In this talk, Andreas speaks about Bitcoin as a system of commerce that is the culmination of decades of research into cryptography and digital currencies, and how it achieves digital scarcity through proof-of-work and decentralized consensus. He argues that Bitcoin is powerful because it is where the laws of mathematics prevail to deliver robust security, […]

The Digital Currency Commons

Trust without centralization, digital cash without identity, and the currency commons beyond corporations. In this talk, Andreas clarifies what “trustless” means and explains why we should avoid departing from a realm where people can pay people without intermediaries imposing their political choices into every transaction. He also argues that cashlessness represents a fundamental shift in […]

Forkology: A Study of Forks for Newbies

Sponsored by:, Optiver,,, and Get Paid In Bitcoin AU In this talk, Andreas introduces newcomers to the emerging scientific speciality of “forkology,” or the study of forks, how blockchain ecosystems change over time, and the game theory of competing consensus models. He covers not only the various types of forks but the […]

Embrace the Good, Reject the Fear

In this talk, Andreas looks at the symbiotic relationship between opportunities that Bitcoin offers for improving India’s general welfare, and the talent and potential India can contribute in return to help it thrive. He argues that, like the early internet, Bitcoin began as a weird and difficult place for the average consumer; if we embrace […]

Fake News, Fake Money

In this talk, Andreas examines the sensationalist debate over “fake news,” the rising tide of faith-based nation states declaring bitcoin as “fake money,” and alternative mechanisms we can build to fill the void left by retired fact-checking departments & central bank authorities. This talk took place at the Silicon Valley Bitcoin meetup on April 11th […]

The Stories We Tell About Money

In this talk, Andreas recounts the history of Bitcoin and what it represents, building upon all the stories we’ve been told over the centuries about what “money” is, how we perceive its value, and why the old answers have changed as we adjust to this new world of digital peer-to-peer currencies. He also discusses global […]

Blockchain vs. Bullshit: Thoughts on the Future of Money

In this talk “Blockchain vs. Bullshit – Thoughts on the Future of Money,” Andreas outlines the necessary criteria that will help you distinguish blockchains from bullshit, and why the goal of developing this technology should not be “banking the unbanked” but rather de-banking all of us. This keynote talk took place at the Blockchain Africa […]

Hardware, Software, Trustware

In this talk, Andreas speaks about the ongoing clash between hardware and software development (instead of “East vs. West”) within the emerging culture of trustware. This talk took place on March 20th 2017 at the Singapore Management University for the Singapore Bitcoin & Ethereum meetups: Full talk transcript by Open Transcripts: RELATED: Bubble […]
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