Paper wallets, inflation, criminals using bitcoin and…Bitcoin & Open Blockchain Livestream [2021]

Looking for an entertaining, trustworthy, unbiased opinion on bitcoin and open blockchains? This is it. In this Livestream, aantonop answers your questions!

0:00:00 Waiting
0:02:17 Introduction
0:05:00 Which multisig setup can you recommend for holding life-changing amounts of bitcoin? Details on Software / Hardware combinations would be much appreciated. Thanks! [brewcat]
0:10:55 How can I verify that my hardware wallet is sending the money to the address it shows on the display? And in reverse, how can I be sure that a receive address shown by my wallet is actually controlled by me? [Gaston]
0:13:56 Blockchain surveillance companies release reports detailing how much criminal funds are moved using cryptocurrency. Their number is low (about 0.5% of all crypto transactions) but how on earth could they track this data? [Vlad from London]
0:18:20 Non-criminal uses of money: Aantonop shop speak, workshops and free content
0:20:00 Back to basics: what were the major (existing) innovations that made bitcoin possible? [Mikael Holmstrom]
0:25:25 Thank you to Patreons
0:27:39 Could you briefly explain the technical differences between a sidechain (e.g. Liquid) and a Layer 2 solution (e.g. Lightning Network)? [Mr Hearts]
0:33:37 I know you are not an economist but could you explain in simple terms what a deflationary system is and how it relates to an inflationary system? What are the pros and cons? [G]
0:38:25 What are token burns? Why are they necessary in the first place? What do they accomplish? [Lucia aka Dancing Crypto]
0:40:20 Down The Rabbit Hole – “Paper Wallets” [aantonop]
0:47:12 What is the best way to get funds out of a paper wallet and move it to a hardware wallet?
0:48:53 How do I explain benefits of open blockchain to my friends who still dismiss it by calling it boomer political labels like ‘libertarian ponzi scheme’
0:51:14 First timer here (taking your crypto wallet course) I want to start into Bitcoin / Crypto by selling my paintings. How is the best way to go about this? [Oswald]
0:54:36 Is it possible to explain Dai stablecoin within 60 seconds? If so, will you try?
0:57:03 “that was way more than sixty seconds… fail”
0:57:30 Upcoming events
0:59:06 Post-Taproot – what is the next big innovation in Bitcoin? [Tomer]
0:59:57 Do you think the recent corporate interest in using bitcoin as a reserve asset to prop up balance sheets represents a step toward commercialization similar to what happened with the internet or will it be a poison pill? [CryptoWoke]
1:01:13 I want to use Electrum instead of Trezor or Ledger’s wallet software for my HW, but it seems I need to use their software to initialize the HW and update the firmware (losing privacy?). Is there an option to note use their software at all? [Anita]
1:02:20 What is the best video on your channel to suggest to someone who is skeptical about bitcoin?
1:03:17 How likely is the next hack of TheDAO scale? Over time does the Ethereum VM become more resistant to human errors in smart contract code? [Vlad from London]
1:05:25 I know it’s out of today’s topic, but I’d like to know what would be the best platforms to prepare the Income Tax Report regarding cryptos [Guillaume]
1:06:48 I’d love to get a hardware wallet… sounds dumb but computer technology changes over time… no cd drives, etc. Are you at all worried the USB port may be updated over time and you can then have a hardware wallet you can’t use? [Justin]
1:09:20 Wrap-up & thanks

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