Michael Saylor on Economics, Bitcoin and Decision Making

Michael Saylor, Founder, Chairman & CEO, MicroStrategy explains why embracing volatility can lead to long-term, continuous improvement and how to make decisions with conviction regarding investing, business, and life; Saylor reveals critical economic indicators, his stance on bitcoin, the future of big tech on innovation and education, amongst other topics!

Hosted by Angelo Robles, CEO & Founder, Family Office Association.

The Family Office Association is dedicated to bringing you a uniquely beneficial understanding of family and single family office current best practices, anchored by our proprietary research and content. We help make successful families and their single family offices more robust, their investment options more diverse and antifragile, and their family visions and structures more responsive, sound, and sustainable for future generations.

0:46- Intro & Brief Background.
1:13- Holistic Engineering & Making the World a Better Place Through Technology.
2:15- The #1 Thing Saylor Would Tell His Younger Self To Focus On While Studying at MIT.
4:35- How To Rise Above the Competition & Get Involved in the World of Finance.
6:00- Studying Finance Becomes Obsolete Without An Understanding of The Theory of Money, Why?
7:50- Two Aspects, Learned From MIT, That Are Essential to Survive in The Real World.
12:06- Designing Stable Systems: Modeling Feedback & Equilibrium + The Value of Volatility & Stressors for Healthy Systems.
14:35- Genetic Confidence & Founding MicroStrategy.
15:36- Public vs. Private Companies: How to Create Institutional Virtue and Maintain Rhythm.
18:46- Applying Leverage & How to Hedge.
23:18- If Your Returns Are Not Beating Bitcoin… You are Missing An Opportunity.
29:50- The Fundamental Question Every Investor Has Today…
32:40- What is the Relevant Inflation Rate & How Does Perception Blur Problem Solving?
41:52- User Digital Networks, “The Mobile Wave,” & Portfolio Diversification; What Are Money Managers Getting Wrong?
46:39- Recommendations for Undergrads to Tackle Future Uncertainty.
49:50- The Technical and Non-Technical Skills That Matter in Our World of Digital Transformation.
53:00- Two Ways to Improve Your Decision-Making Processes & Cut Through Noise.
59:05- What Would Cause Him to Change His Opinion About Bitcoin?
1:10:00- Central Bank Currencies, Are They a Threat to Bitcoin?
1:12:39- Loss of Price Discovery & The Single Most Accretive Way to Use Money or Time.
1:16:20- Allocating Asset Classes As a Wealthy Individual.
1:18:03- Rapid Fire Bitcoin Questions.
1:24:42- Quantum Computing & Bitcoin Verification.
1:28:29- Wrap Up: “You’re Running as Fast As You Can To Only Go Backwards;” How Can Realization Ignite Change?

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You can also check out Michael’s website here: https://www.michael.com/
As mentioned in this interview, Michael’s free learning academy, the Saylor Academy can be found here: https://www.saylor.org/
To access his book, “The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything,” click here: https://www.amazon.com/Mobile-Wave-Intelligence-Change-Everything/dp/1593157207

About Our Host:
Angelo Robles founded Family Office Association in 2008, a global membership organization for UHNW families and their single family offices. Having worked with multiple generations of families for the past 12 years and their trusted advisors, Angelo has gained an enormous amount of intellectual capital on how UHNW families think and feel – and what motivates them.
Angelo is the founder of the Effective Family Office think tank and personally coaches a select group of global families and advisors. He is a frequent source to top media outlets like Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal, and Institutional Investor. He is the host of The Angelo Robles Podcast, the author of “Effective Family Office: Best Practices and Beyond,” and co-author of “Maximizing Your Single Family Office: Leveraging the Power of Outsourcing and Stress Testing.”

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