Hyperledger Performance Improvements (Presentation, Demo and Discussion)

A virtual meetup hosted by Hyperledger Sydney focused on performance improvements for Hyperledger Fabric.

The blockchain research group at Xilinx, the leading FPGA vendor, has been studying different methods to improve the performance of Hyperledger Fabric, and other blockchains. Historically, FPGA chips have been used to accelerate PoW mining for Bitcoin and Ethereum in the early days of the cryptocurrencies. They are also being used for several alt-coins.

In this event, Blockchain researcher Dr. Haris Javaid from Xilinx will share his current focus on identifying specific areas of HLF that can benefit from hardware acceleration, and showcase work identifying these bottlenecks. Dr. Haris Javaid will describe how Xilinx have improved the performance for block validation in HLF by an order of magnitude. A short demo of proof-of-concept work will be followed by discussion.

More about the event is at: https://www.meetup.com/Hyperledger-Sydney/events/273899207/

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