How to Get Bitcoin [3 Ways to Get Cryptocurrency]

Buying bitcoin isn’t the only way to get it. In this excerpt from the FREE Introduction to Bitcoin and Open Blockchains Workshop, Andreas explains 3 different ways to get bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies even if you don’t have a ton of money to invest. You don’t have to be left behind during the crypto craze, watch this video and learn about alternative ways to get cryptocurrencies. This video is perfect for those new to bitcoin.

0:00 How Most People Get Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Other Cryptocurrencies
0:30 Earn it. You can get paid in bitcoin, ether, or another cryptocurrency
3:31 Buy it. From exchanges, individuals, or bitcoin ATM
5:26 Trade for it. You can trade your belongings for it!

This video is one small part of a larger FREE workshop that will teach you how to get bitcoin, how bitcoin is valued, who sets the prices, where to find recent cryptocurrency prices and much, much more. You can also earn a certificate of completion after you finish the workshop. ENROLL NOW at If you’re new to bitcoin, this is an excellent way to learn about the technology from one of the most trusted, unbiased, and educated voices in the crypto industry.

In this video, Andreas discusses how most people get into bitcoin by opening an account with a cryptocurrency exchange. But that’s not the best way to get it. The best way to get cryptocurrency is to earn it. Why? Because it’s private and usually has ZERO exchange fees! Whatever you do, you can do it for bitcoin. Bake cupcakes? Sell them for bitcoin. Cut hair? Get paid in Ethereum. If you’ve got a “regular” job, you can have a small part of your paycheck invested into bitcoin weekly without your employer even knowing that you’re into cryptocurrency. Of course you can buy bitcoin from an exchange, but you can also buy it from a bitcoin ATM, from individuals, and through decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Another excellent way to get bitcoin is to sell your belongings for crypto. Andreas even sold his car for bitcoin! The point of all of this is to teach you that you don’t just have to buy bitcoin at an exchange, there are other options, other ways to get cryptocurrency, if you want it.

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About aantonop: Andreas isn’t promoting a company or an organization; he’s paid by the community (people who support this work on Patreon and YouTube) and provides an unbiased look at open blockchain technologies, what they can do for our societies, and how to get involved (if you decide you want to). Learn more at

From Andreas: You may already know that my mission is to educate as many people as possible about #Bitcoin and open blockchain technologies. Watching these videos and sharing them with others is a big part of that. Thank you for being part of this mission.

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