He gave 50 strangers his private keys. You won’t believe what happened next.

In the previous episode of The Defiant there was a QR code embedded in the video. Had you scanned that code it would have brought you into a week-long NFT-based social experiment designed to test a simple question: ‘Are you greedy or are you cultured.’

We normally report the news in DeFi and blockchain but here we were testing ideas, pushing boundaries and making the news ourselves. This is a rare opportunity to go deep into a real-time experiment designed to interrogate the value of crypto art.

This. Got. Deep.

0:00 Imagine if…
0:50 Last week’s video
2:58 The QR Code
4:46 The Rug Pull Experiment
7:08 The Most Important Job for Screenwriters
9:00 Film References from the experiment
10:33 “Bomb Squad”
11:46 Sharing the Seed
13:47 Burning 1 Million Quid
14:49 Self Rug Pull
16:30 Instant Regret
19:15 Arrival of 49 DAI
19:46 Bomb under the table
24:27 Ending the experiment
26:32 The Real Rug Pull

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