Cryptocurrency Explained: Chinese Bitcoin Mining, Taproot activation, Megacorps & Bitcoin [2021]

Looking for an entertaining, trustworthy, unbiased opinion on bitcoin and open blockchains? This is it. Take a look at the timestamps to find the questions you’re most interested in!

0:00:00 In the Beginning
0:01:39 Welcome and we are live
0:02:38 Do you think mining is becoming more or less decentralized? How open to Sybil attack are measurements of decentralization? Common FUD around bitcoin involves the Chinese near-monopoly on mining. Can this be definitively proven or refuted? [Demosthenes]
0:10:24 In a world of 100%(or near) ultra-cheap, renewable energy: what happens to the security of the Bitcoin network? Thank! [Mat G]
0:13:00 What is the ordering of transactions in a Block ? Does the miner decide the ordering?
0:21:50 Upcoming content changes, Q&A, audio-only, and more
0:24:50 What is speedy trial BIP8? And what does it mean for taproot activation. And i heard that taproot activation has already launched [Anthony]
0:34:35 In the event of a fork or BIP or similar, how do I “vote” with my node?
0:37:20 Thank you to Patrons and supporters
0:42:05 Bitcoin is very transparent and thus is not really 100% fungible any more due to tagging by banksters. Can you think of a reason why a smart person like Satoshi did not implement anonymous transactions right from the beginning? [outbacktrader]
0:45:59 Which of the BTC privacy services (Wassabi Coinjoin/Samurai Whirlpool/JoinMarket etc…) are easiest to use for a beginner? What are some of the unexpected behaviors and pitfalls a beginner should be aware of?
0:48:32 Down The Rabbit Hole: Capital Gains Taxes; Marginal Taxes
1:04:40 Thank you, 250,000 subscribers, and interesting banter about development
1:09:38 How could/should bitcoin be included in traditional primary and secondary education (K-12)? What disciplines (i.e. math, econ) are most relevant to mass education? [Demosthenes]
1:13:45 How do you recommend interacting with friends/acquaintances who are newer to crypto and who are chasing gains in altcoins while being hesitant to Bitcoin? Thoughts on long term success of Bitcoin vs. altcoins? [Bradley Hanson]
1:22:17 I love the opportunities that crypto offers. However, I see the megacorps gobbling up BTC by the (USD) billion, and I wonder how much this adoption wave is widening the gap between rich and non-rich. “Meet the new boss…” Thoughts?
1:28:01 What do you think of the services that allow you to earn interest with crypto (BlockFi, Celcius, etc.)? They are reliable? I am worried about the “Not my keys, not my coins” issue with them. [Masterplank]
1:32:56 Who owns the Lightning Network and should we be worried ? Can you please include an explanation of what this network is and how it relates to bitcoin? Thank you! [Skaffen]
1:39:30 Speed round!
1:39:56 Are FEES are the ONLY mechanism to prioritize transactions/prevent spam or can a system exist that uses another mechanism to prioritize transactions and prevent spam (similar to what several “feeless” cryptocurrency systems seek to do)
1:40:24 What is a chance that bitcoin will be delegalized in the western world?
1:40:37 Since LN nodes need to be online to guard against channel balance “hijacking” by the other party, what would be safe availability (e.g. 99.9%, 80%, etc…) of a node? Will it ever be possible to run a LN node fully from a mobile device?
1:41:07 Will you throw a big party if/when Taproot goes online?
1:41:24 Would it be possible to make coinjoins look like a single transaction using the property of signature aggregation of Schnorr signatures?
1:41:54 What would have to happen for you to think “Bitcoin is inevitable”?
1:42:15 Thoughts on staking ETH for ETH2? Does it make sense to stake for the new ETH2?
1:42:32 Is LTC kind of a testnet for BTC?
1:43:03 How are bitcoin transfer fees calculated? What is input and output?
1:43:55 Why are the media coming down on the Bitcoin – Eco Disaster FUD so hard? They’ve started prioritising it over other FUD such as Fees & Transaction speed
1:45:00 I would like to time lock my hardware wallet for a year. Is that easy for me to do?
1:45:21 How many Bitcoin are in one block?
1:45:50 Why would I pay anyone in bitcoin when I can invest it?

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