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¿Qué es un Bloque? [Diccionario Minero]

Nuevo video del Diccionario Minero, vamos a explicar lo que es un Bloque. Los bloques son creados por los mineros para subirlos a la cadena de bloques (blockchain) que es la tecnologia que hay detrás de bitcoin. Dentro de estos bloques lo que hay es información sobre las transacciones de personas entre la red bitcoin. […]

What Is IMPERMANENT LOSS? DEFI Explained – Uniswap, Curve, Balancer, Bancor

Have you ever provided liquidity to a liquidity pool just to realise that some of your coins have gone missing? In this video, we’ll learn what “impermanent loss” is and how it can affect liquidity providers’ profits. In essence, impermanent loss is a temporary loss of funds occurring when providing liquidity. It’s very often explained […]

What is the Difference Between an FPGA and an ASIC

The FPGA Design for ASIC Users course will help you to create fast and efficient FPGA designs by leveraging your ASIC design experience. This course will help you avoid the most common design mistakes of FPGA designers. It will also help you fit your design into a smaller FPGA or a lower speed grade for […]

Lecture 4 – How to Store and Use Bitcoins

Fourth lecture of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies online course. In this lecture (click the time to jump to the section): * Simple Local Storage 0:27 * Hot and Cold Storage 6:28 * Splitting and Sharing Keys 19:52 * Online Wallets and Exchanges 30:54 * Payment Services 50:17 * Transaction Fees 58:30 * Currency Exchange […]

Captain Drakins’ Bitcoin Show – Episode 2

Captain Drakins and his sidekick Nick, the Parrat, explain everything you always wanted to know about Bitcoin. In this episode you learn how to offer your services for Bitcoin. A Bitfilm Production – bitfilm.com Written & directed by Aaron Koenig 3D design & animation: Tomek Wilk 2D design & animation: Vijayaraj Dhanajeyan Music: Julio Kladniew […]

Bitcoin Q&A: Proof-of-work, attacks, and ASICs

How does proof-of-work prevent 51% attacks? Can the attacker change the whole chain in a 51% attack? How often has a 51% attack occurred? Could a government agency reverse a transaction? Did Satoshi foresee ASICs and how competitive mining would be? Does China control Bitcoin mining? Should we change the proof-of-work to solve this?

Dash 101.5 – ¿Qué hacen los Masternodes?

¿Qué hacen los Masternodes? https://www.dash.org/es/


En este sencillo video te explico 4 tips para poder utilizar Metamask mas eficientemente. EthGas station: https://ethgasstation.info/index.php 💥 Suscribite al canal para mas videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC423qnRwiJf4fLKAQ6Tlofg?sub_confirmation=1 👬 Seguime en Social Media: 🐦 Twitter 👉 https://twitter.com/sheinix 📖 Medium 👉 https://medium.com/@sheinix 💬 Grupo de Telegram 👉 https://t.me/cryptosheinixchat 🗣 Canal de Telgram 👉 https://t.me/cryptosheinix 🤓 Mira mas contenido de […]

Cómo usar Fibonacci

Hoy vamos a aprender como utilizar la heramienta fibonacci, como utilizarla para saber si comprar o no una criptomoneda, y estar un paso por delante del mercado del bitcoin.

What it means to HODL and why its important

HODL is more then just cryptoslang as cryptocurrency becomes more and more popular and we get an influx of new users and traders its important to introduce some grounds for culture to help stabilize the community and reduce greed. I hope this video helps people understand. If you want to learn more about the negative […]