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Canción de Bitcoin subtitulos en Español HD – Bitcoin song

Blockchain, Bitcoin, criptomonedas, ethereum, revolucion financiera.

PapaJohnny – “Nakamoto” MUSIC VIDEO

Music: “Nakamoto” by PapaJohnny.

Zhou Tonged – Bitcoin’s Back (Eminem – Without Me)


Zhou Tonged – Many Bitcoin to you!

#manybitcointoyou 1MXfEDmcA4JQi28gaaEcrCAbL1rXK32PCJ Thanks for the unwarranted shadowban, Reddit! *edit: Thanks for the unban, Sporkicide!*

Bitcoin Batalla de Rap Debate: Hamilton vs Satoshi Nakamoto. (sub Español).

Hamilton fue el autor principal de las políticas económicas de la administración de George Washington. Lideró la financiación de las deudas de los estados por el gobierno federal, así como el establecimiento de un banco nacional, un sistema tarifario, y unas relaciones comerciales amistosas con Gran Bretaña. Satoshi Nakamoto es el autor principal del sistema […]

Zhou Tonged – Mr. Bitcoin (The Chordettes – Mr. Sandman)

Mr. Bitcoin Bring me money Give me a chance up out this economy Give me a sign, cause I just lost all my clovers. The U.S. dollar’s dropping fast. It’s almost over!!! Mr. Bitcoin We’re all alone China owns our asses!! They own all our homes. So please , Oh Bitcoin, please. Mr. Bitcoin Bring […]

Bitcoin Bob: Money Monopoly

“Austrian Cowboy” Bitcoin Bob sings the ultimate Country & Western song about the monetary system and the digital currency Bitcoin. Camera: Stanislav Mandryka & Anastasya Stolyarov Edited by Anastasya Stolyarov (We’re gonna end the) Money Monopoly Music & lyrics by Aaron Koenig Hey Mr. Draghi Go get yourself a job The European currency Is a […]

ytcracker – Bitcoin Baron [Support Internet Freedom]

Free Download: DEF CON (, one of the worlds largest and oldest annual hacking conferences, in association with Gravitas Recordings are proud to present 2013’s DEF CON soundtrack. This is a free/pay-what-you-can donation based released, where 100% of the generated revenue will be going to straight to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF,, a […]