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What would you do if you inherited 55,000 Bitcoin?? HODL: a short film shot on the Ursa Mini Pro G2

After discovering his uncle left him a healthy sum of bitcoin, Max Sullivan starts making purchases that his bitcoin may not be able to cash.

Gzutek – Bitcoin Slang

It is with great pleasure I present you with ‘Bitcoin Slang’, the epic Bitcoin song breaking down Bitcoin slang and Bitcoin terminology with a fun, light and entertaining approach via rap. ================================ LYRICS & LINER NOTES: [verse 1] a Bitcoin is a currency, Blockchain is technology, transactions take place on it constantly, a public key […]

Bitcoin and Friends – Episode 4

Are you ready to buy some Bitcoin? Take a walk to your local The Coin Bros Bitcoin ATM and load up: Please donate to help fund Episode 5! Donate: Merchandise: Spread the good cheer: #BitcoinAndFriends #Bitcoin #Blockchain

Love You Like A Bitcoin

Bitcoin lyrics written by Tuxavant and sung to Selena Gomez’s “I love you like a love song”. Performed by Kryptina, DefconKids MVH 2012 and bitcoin miner since 2010. Featuring James Brown Jr.

Bitcoin and Friends – Episode 5

If you would like to contribute to the show please donate to: BTC: bc1q8avkl8guvzcpcdz56cu4ewamxgnv24enrgnthc ETH: 0xAa91DE16Fff2fb5Af89fD99bb999aD98C8127103 LTC: LQRwh1FdN8MQPjRoQdGHivsEjApx8EVCzD To sign up for Gemini exchange please use the following link: After you deposit $100 within 30 days, both you and the Bitcoin and Friends will both receive $10 in BTC!

ytcracker – Bitcoin Baron [Support Internet Freedom]

Free Download: DEF CON (, one of the worlds largest and oldest annual hacking conferences, in association with Gravitas Recordings are proud to present 2013’s DEF CON soundtrack. This is a free/pay-what-you-can donation based released, where 100% of the generated revenue will be going to straight to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF,, a […]


Blockchain y las criptomonedas están comenzando a ganar tracción en el espacio de juego, y no se trata solo de usar Bitcoin para comprar cosas o apostar en competiciones de esports . Los desarrolladores están utilizando blockchain para crear economías únicas en el juego en las que los objetos raros son extremadamente valiosos y los […]

New Bitcoin Song

A tribute to Bitcoin, new parts new vocals new video. don’t start the revolution without us…

Fulanito compra Bitcoin | Casi Creativo

Fulanito compra bitcoin. La moneda digital que está causando alegrías y llantos estas semanas llega a las manos de Fulano.

Giving Strangers $25 Bitcoin or $5 Cash (Social Experiment)

Giving Strangers 0.0029 Bitcoin or $5 Cash (Social Experiment)