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“We got accepted in the YCombinator” | Interview with Dmitry of QuickNode

QUICKNODE 👉 Website: 👉 Twitter: FREE TRAININGS 👉 How to find your first 6-Figures Blockchain Developer Job: 👉 Learn how to create Profitable Flashloans: COURSES 👉 DeFi Development Mastery: 👉 Profitable Flashloans: 👉 6 Figures Blockchain developer course: FACEBOOK GROUP 👉 Other Links: – Questions about my […]

Make millions by Forking The Safemoon token!

LIVE TRAINING “Fork Safemoon” 👉 May 25th at 11pm UTC+8 👉 Recording available after, if you miss the live 👉 Book your seat here: FREE TRAININGS 👉 How to find your first 6-Figures Blockchain Developer Job: 👉 Learn how to create Profitable Flashloans: COURSES 👉 DeFi Development Mastery: 👉 Profitable Flashloans: […]

14.5 Fair Exchange of Signatures with Adaptors || Lloyd Fournier

Lloyd Fournier defines a CoinSwap as a fair exchange of two coins on the same blockchain. These atomic swaps are the first true protocol build natively on top of Bitcoins open blockchain. Both parties lock up bitcoin in a script, where if one party spends the coin, then the other party learns the secret that […]

14.4 Taproot Will Make Bitcoin More Boring || Lloyd Fournier

Lloyd Fournier says that the design goal of Taproot is to make the Bitcoin blockchain more boring, meaning that most transactions look basically the same. Currently each advanced script leaves a unique fingerprint on the blockchain. But with Taproot, unused spending conditions don’t have to be used, and multisignatures or adaptor signatures look like regular […]

Gasless Money Legos with DeFi Saver

DeFi Saver is an advanced one-stop management solution dashboard for decentralized finance protocols, including MakerDAO and Compound. It offers options to create instantly leveraged positions in DeFi lending protocols, as well as tools to leverage, deleverage or fully close down a position in 1-transaction. It also includes loan shifting or refinancing tools for anyone looking […]

2600 ETH Drained – The Rari Capital Exploit

It’s not what happens it’s how you respond that matters. An idea that was beautifully captured this weekend by the attack on Rari Capital. 2600ETH or about $10m lifted. But who responded best? Links Follow The Defiant #TheDefiant​ #DeFi​ #Decentralized​ #Finance​ #Blockchain

ETHEREUM LONDON – NO se ACABA la MINERÍA – ¿Qué cambios trae Ethereum London HARDFORK?

NO SE ACABA LA MINERÍA, #Ethereum London trae un par de EIP que cambiarán la economía de Ethereum manteniendo la minería por más tiempo. Con este Ethereum hard fork se busca implementar el EIP-1559 y el EIP-3238 que estaremos desarrollando durante el video para que así puedas conocer lo que se trae Ethereum para Julio. […]

Token Economics: How to Accurately Value A DeFi Project with Piers Ridyard

In this Crypto Investment School class, Piers Ridyard, CEO of Radix, is sharing his framework on DeFi token assessment. Piers recommends evaluating the following five categories to accurately evaluate a new DeFi project: market, project economics, team, token, and risks. This model is easy to follow, and will provide plenty of valuable insight. To learn […]

Crypto Hacks and Thefts: How to Mitigate Risks with Lorne Lantz

In this clip from Crypto Investment School, our guest speaker Lorne Lantz, Co-author of “Mastering Blockchain” and founder of Breadcrumbs, explored the biggest and most substantial risks facing crypto investors and the best countermeasures to manage them. The two main types of risk to look out for are counterparty risks–associated with untrustworthy exchanges, hacks, and […]

NFTs: Risks, Opportunities, & How to Invest with Austin Griffith

In this clip from Crypto Investment School, our guest speaker Austin Griffith explored everything about non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Austin is a builder on Ethereum and a former Director of Research at Gitcoin. Fungible tokens can be exchanged as interchangeable stores of value (like fiat). NFTs are unique and valued as individual, indivisible units (like art). […]

Use DeFi Without Spending Any Money

Using InstaDapp’s built in DeFi simulator you can get a feel of how lending, borrowing, and liquidity providing works in DeFi. Our sponsors Follow The Defiant #TheDefiant​ #DeFi​ #Decentralized​ #Finance​ #Blockchain
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