Andreas Antonopoulos 2019: Bitcoin vs. Facebook Libra coin = End of retail banking

Dear crypto community and blockchain buddies across the globe…

Welcome back to the no BS blockchain channel covering bitcoin, cryptocurrency and everything around FinTech. Episode 11 part two is the sequel with, once again, the one and only Andreas Antonopoulos!

As mentioned in the previous episode Andreas has been an incredible bitcoin ambassador by representing the crypto community in many huge appearances such as the Joe Rogan Podcast A.K.A JRE, london real & bitcoin 2019 with Brian rose twice going down in crypto history… Andreas is one of the references when it comes to explaining Bitcoin for absolute beginners to the more season viewers.. We are honoured to interview the man, the legend himself… Andreas Antonopoulos!

In this video Andreas shares his strong views on Libra coin (originally named “global coin”) before Facebook had even officialized their coin. Andreas explains why Bitcoin has nothing to fear from Facebook coming into this space. As a matter of fact, Andreas dives deep into why the Facebook Libra coin barely meets one of the five pillars of open source blockchains… Make the Facebook libra coin irrelevant. For those who missed the first part of this epic interview and want to find out more on “the FIVE PILLARS of open blockchains” OR know anyone curious or interested about bitcoin…

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